By BTM13 - 06/05/2012 03:19 - United States - Hicksville

Today, while at the store, I realized how socially inept I am when I said "excuse me" to a shopping cart because it was in my way. FML
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BTM13 tells us more.

Of course I did. Like shopping carts, keyboard help us out a lot in life and deserve to be recognized. XD

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Sadly, that actually sounds like something I would do

Lexiloulynn 2

At least you aren't crazy too... You could've heard the cart say "It's fine", and watched as it wheeled away.


Sadly, that actually sounds like something I would do

Dammit guys, stick up for yourselves and take that cart for a joyride down the aisles.

You're right. Next time I'm alone in the wonderful world of Walmart-Land, I'm taking that goddamn shopping cart and joyriding it for all it's worth :D (not that I go to Walmart..)

^ oh are you too good for rollback prices

There's just something about Walmart that isn't right.. Never been there before, probably never will e.e

34- you sound like a good time. I'm always on the lookout for cart-riding aficionados like yourself. Come, let us cart away into the sunset, to ride free into the desert full of cacti and endless adventure possibilities.

FMLshark 12

Better that than realizing you had anger management, screaming at the cart to get the **** out of your way whilst kicking it.

I think it's something most of us would do. I don't see how it's proof of being socially inept - just a bit distracted.

Why is this a sad thing to do? It's very polite. Shopping carts help us out, so we should be kind to them.

Heck yeah, that sounds like fun Wal * Mart joy ride FTW!

But it's cute~! This isn't an fml!!

You need to stop apologizing so much.

I sure she's sorry for apologizing so much.

I don't think OP apologizes too much, It's just good manners. We all say sorry if we accidentaly bump into somebody and it becomes a habbit. I can understand that.

CaramelMacchiato 13

^ I agree! I feel you, OP :'( Sometimes I'll apologize when people bump into ME :P

cayytee 0

i actually was told to stop apologizing too much in middle school

Dr0reos 8

Socialy inept schizophrenic meh they're pretty much the same thing

arielzbkny 0

She said "excuse me" not "sorry"

xblair 11

Don't be surprised if the cart answers back

22cute 17

Meh, I do that all the time. You're fine, OP.

That cart appreciated your kindness

Of course it did, they have feelings too!

Lexiloulynn 2

At least you aren't crazy too... You could've heard the cart say "It's fine", and watched as it wheeled away.

That's not a cart, that's my grandpa in a wheel chair.

Inheritance 10

Lmao OP just starts tripping out gets in a whole conversation with a shopping cart

Looks like you got manners, and that's good ^_^ But you could try visiting a psychologist if you think you are socially inept:) Have a nice day!^_^

*Bumps into shopping cart and apologizes* *WebMD* "It's probably schizophrenia. I should see a psychiatrist"

If she think that she is socially inept, she could take measures against it :) Not that she's insane. But if she have the need to apologize all the time, it could be something lingering. So I meant no harm with it really :) So, sorry if I sounded rude.

Everywhere I look I see schizophrenia jokes and references. :( I suffer from it, if you're wondering.

Sorry to hear 66:( But hey, at least you can live with it, hence your commenting ^_^ It can be hard having an "illness".. So I hope you can cope well with it :)

TheFamilyElf 17

Manners are always appreciated, human or not. No really, some people have the social tendencies of cavemen. Be proud of your so called shortcomings.

At least you weren't rude to the shopping cart? "Get the hell out of my way you worthless piece of metal!"

Its ok. Some people have imaginary friends.

flockz 19

i think you should fix your social ineptness before you lose control and take the aisle towards insanity.

Your picture makes me want to hug you.

flockz 19

here let me wipe the shit off of my hands first.

Who ever thumbed down that shit comment should be bitch Slapped! I gotcho bro, thumbs back up haha