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Today, I was kicked out of class for having a coughing fit. Yesterday, I was kicked out of class for sleeping, a side effect of my cough suppressant. Three absents from this class and I automatically fail. FML
Pensu tells us more :
No, I wasn't forcing the cough; I've got bronchitis, I just get coughing fits that last for a while and can't control them.
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  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

not for long.
Op, were you forcing the cough?
if not, fyl. the professor sucks.
Some students are deliberately obnoxious, so I had to ask...
Well, don't get sick again or you fail.

  firecopy  |  6

it's ok when people say first. it shows the hardships (ex. staying up all night) or luck needed to be first. this is why I believe that it SHOULD NOT be moderated.

  ChicaTongana  |  0

The first day op got kicked out because he fell asleep due to taking a cough suppressant so he wouldn't have a coughing fit. The second day, op ended up getting kicked out because he had a coughing fit due to not taking the medicine so he wouldn't fall asleep. Getting kicked out usually ends up as an absence and if op gets three he automatically fails the class, which he's already got two of.