By I'm Not Dead Yet - 09/06/2014 19:37 - United States - Tucson

Today, I put my headphones on and laid down to relax to some music. I fell asleep, and woke up later to a police officer busting into my house. My neighbor had been knocking on my door, then looked through my window and saw me on my couch, and was convinced I'd died. FML
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Look at the bright side OP, your neighbour cares about you enough to check if you're alive.

At least someone cares enough to do that..even your neighbour!


Look at the bright side OP, your neighbour cares about you enough to check if you're alive.

Shit when i posted my comment it was the exact same time as this comment and its the exact same....sorry people of FML :(

People of FML accept your apology.

Feven - Speak for yourself. Adam5858 - You are dead to me.

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Huh? I accept everyone. Adam5858, I love you.

The neighbor didn't really check anything, he just assumed OP had died. Maybe he was excited and waiting for the moment so he can rob OP right after. :p

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This had the opposite effect of Weekend at Bernie's...

Now let's see if they care enough to pay for your new door...

At least someone cares enough to do that..even your neighbour!

FYL since the neighbour jumped to the worst conclusion too soon. And bless your life for having a caring neighbor.

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I agree. I've read FMLs where people pretend to be dead and even their pets don't care, let alone their families. Shout out to vigilant neighbours! Keep being nosy one day we'll need it.

I wouldn't notify anybody. OP couldn't care about a cop busting in if he were dead, but he would mind if he were just asleep. Perhaps I'm just a bad neighbor. Maybe that's why my rent is double everybody else's in my area...

65, So you would just leave a dead body to rot until someone else found it?

That's what they do, don't they? Besides, there's a point where you can't confuse dead for sleeping.

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Look on the bright side, at least you're not dead

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Yeah, thankfully the cop didn't shoot him lol

#82 In what scenario would he shoot him? ....Oh I get it! To make sure he's really dead?

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I think the bright side is that op gets a new door :)

Were you, by any chance, playing "Let the bodies hit the floor"?

No neighbor was bring a dick, OP should've burnt down their home a while ago, therefore YDI OP.

Definitely not an fml IMO. It's a good thing he cared enough to call for help just incase

You would think he would have seen your headphones

Probably not if it was the In Ear buds model.

If it was an 'in ear buds' model, then they'd be earphones, not headphones :)

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Well people can die with headphones on.

If OP has long enough hair, it may have hidden the headphones.

Or maybe he saw the headphones but it didn't look like he was breathing. Plus the neighbour probably banged on the door a few times really loudly and thought there was no way he wouldn't be able to hear that even with music on.

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at least your neighbors care about you

At least they called the cops. I woulda said **** it.

Sound rough man, I'd die of embarrassment if I was you.

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I would think the neighbour would be more embarrassed...

I dunno, I'd be pretty embarassed for, you know, taking a nap.