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It's alive!

Today, I decided I'd take a nap in my car because I got to work very early. As I was waking up from my nap, I saw a cop looking right at me. Turns out, a lady who'd parked her car right next to mine after I was asleep had called the cops on me because she thought I was dead. FML
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  adaliapeace  |  3

Perhaps the reason there is no "not an FML" button or "who really gives a shit?" button is because they haven't quite figured out a good enough way to phrase it. Think about it - there is not a "Your life sucks" button and a "You deserved it" button, there is an "I agree, your life sucks" button and a "You totally deserved it" button. They need that extra little punch to put on the button along with the "not an FML" to keep it in tune with the spirit of the website.

Or I could be full of shit. :)

  americayay  |  0

Agreed. This used to happen to my husband all the time when he'd take me to school and sleep in the car. A cop would knock on the window, ask if he was alright, and then leave. Stupid FML.

By  wellinever  |  5

It only becomes an FML when they ship you off to the morgue and start preparing for burial.
Your consolation, should you survive? You'll be great fun at Halloween parties.

By  haweb  |  0

Look on the bright side.
You could be one of those people that dies alone and sits in their residence rotting for four days before someone comes around looking for you.