By exasperated - 17/04/2014 03:14 - United States - Houston

Today, I got a call from the police that my house had been burglarized, but an off-duty cop caught the criminal. I pull up to see my detained, psycho ex-boyfriend sheepishly grinning at me. He had three of my lace panties and two of my bras, claiming it was "all for memories' sake". FML
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Punch him in the face, for your memorys sake

Sorry, OP. That's incredibly creepy. At least he got caught


Sorry, OP. That's incredibly creepy. At least he got caught

I think you need to look at getting a restraining order put in him, otherwise it is guaranteed to happen again.

I think you're overestimating the effectiveness of a restraining order. It doesn't conjure up a magical force field around a person's house that can't be crossed. Crazy people find ways to do crazy things.

People may be overestimating a restraining order in that way but if he disobeys it once you can give him a little example of how easy it will be to blow his life apart if he does it again. That's when he'll get serious about it.

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Yes #43. They drill a lock into him, attach a 50-100ft tether, and watch what happens...

OP needs to do something, press charges or file for an order of protection, anything to get it on the books that this guy is a creep! It may help to keep him away from her but it will also help the next girl!!

Punch him in the face, for your memorys sake

Yes, because violence solves everything. Not to mention OP would be charged with assault.

But #25 is right, violence isn't the answer.

violence is the answer when the question is "how do I get him to understand its over and breaking into my house isn't acceptable?"

violence is the answer if the question is theft, or possible danger! haha. maybe its my American hillbilly nature but I'd use more than a fist

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47 or you could just press charges and he'll get the idea

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33, no violence is the QUESTION. Yes is the answer.

Yes that would go over really well in front of the off duty cop.

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It may not be the wisest of moves, but OP would certainly feel better after it.

Sometimes you just can't say it with only words...

maybe sometimes violence isn't the answer, but in this case it would help. Guys victimize women they think they can control, a punch to the face or any other show of standing up for yourself, of being strong might be enough to keep him from coming back to do worse!

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Are you by chance said psycho ex-boyfriend?

No, ever see the movie there's something about Mary? Expect the ex had a shoe fetish.

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Don't worry, I got the reference.

Why would he need your bra's and panties? A nice black eye and a restraining order should be sufficient for him to remember you by!

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Nah restraining order is nothing but a piece of paper. I would carry a gun from now on

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Is burglarized a word? Over here we just say 'burgled'. Sorry about the creepy ex, hopefully you can get a restraining order.

It's a north american term. So it's dialectal.

It doesn't matter people are just curious. For example I love to hear what people from UK say differently from Canada.

Wait, people actually say that? I always thought it was a joke term.

RedPillSucks 31

In America, you can turn any noun into a verb into an adjective and back into a verb Burglar, Burglarize, Burglarizable, Burglarization, ...

I did not know that. Thank you for the information :).

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Yes burglarized is a word where have you been in the world. never tell someone burgled cause that's not even a word. They would look at you like you're stupid. Word of advice for you.

No... Most people would embrace another's culture and figure it out .. Just like they do for us.

#106 burgled is actually a word. its the past tense of burgle. where have you been in the world? word of advice for you - try googling it or something before trying to tell people it isnt a word.

@106: Are you sure? bur•gle (ˈbɜr gəl) v.t., v.i. -gled, -gling. Informal. to burglarize.

What a creep, check the toilet paper OP, I heard creeps like that like to take toilet paper before they leave too :p

RedPillSucks 31

How would that be memorable? If it was "used" toilet paper, one would hope she flushed it. This is just all-around creepy.

I've never heard of someone stealing toilet paper as a memorable item. If it were me doin' the creep, I'd steal every sock that had a matching pair. It would leave them with matchless socks, and, like a broken heart, would give me a half and them the other half; leaving them incomplete without me :) Not that I've ever done something like that... ( .-.)

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Screw the restraining order it is just a piece of paper. It is time to either change your locks and get a dog, or move. In fact moving and getting a good dog is an excellent idea. Taking a few self defense lessons and having a male friend or family member record your answering machine message wouldn't be a bad idea either.

amayasoma 19

Make sure you train that dog in a made up language or it could listen to anyone if trained too well.

I don't think moving is a good idea. I mean she shouldn't have to change her whole life around just because creepy ex is doing stuff he shouldn't. But the restraining order and self defense sounds good.

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She doesn't need to change cities just houses or apartments. Would you rather she end up raped, beaten, mutilated or murdered if he decides to ignore the restraining order and break in again? There was just a case in Massachusetts where the mayor of Sommerville's brother beat and attempted to rape a woman who had 12 restraining orders out against him. A piece of paper is worthless.

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Yep. Restraining order only work on people who tend to obey the law. Their real purpose is to use as evidence after the fact.

Could be worse, your ex could have been the cop who decided to take your underwear for "evidence"

Whack a restraining order on that psycho