By itsjustmyluck - United States
Today, I was in line at the store behind a lady and her young daughter. Trying to be polite I smiled at the little girl. She burst into tears asking her mommy 'what is wrong with that ladies teeth'. Apparently braces on a 25 year old is not 'kid friendly'. FML
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that is one fucking stupid kid. what little kid hasn't seen braces before? and at 24, it's not like you're aging or something. don't worry, she'll probably grow up to be a hideous teenager who's going to need everything fixed.

By  Tabitha20634  |  0

I am sorry i had a kid completely shocked in Halloween when he saw mine. I am the same age and I had a front baby tooth that never came out so not only do i have braces but I also have all these attachments to pull the adult tooth down and a hole in the front of my mouth

By  StaticDown  |  0

Wow, kids are weird... I have a teacher with braces and I first thought she had dirty teeth cause they were the see through kind of braces but still visible, but then I realized it was braces... Hasn't the kid seen braces before? It's not that uncommon... FYL