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  Today, my wife is still refusing all forms of sex, because she thinks if she gets pregnant during lockdown, she’ll be the butt of all her friends' jokes about what people get up to to relieve the lockdown boredom. I know what I’d like to be getting up to right now to relieve my boredom. FML
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  julfunky  |  29

Really? I can’t believe how many people have upvoted this.

I’ve had a couple friends mention the boom in births we’ll have in approximately 9 months. It’s a joke. No reason to “dump friends” over it. That’s as overdramatic as her withholding sex.

By  JLS  |  4

If she’s embarrassed for people to think she could be having sex with her husband she was way too immature to get married to begin with.

By  mayaklast  |  12

And so... neither you nor your wife have heard about contraception? Because you know you can have sex without getting pregnant, right? The way the FML is worded, especially the 'all forms of sex' thing, also implies that your wife thinks she can get pregnant by performing masturbation or oral sex. If she does, it might be a good time to give her the sex talk, I guess.

Birth control? Condoms, the pill, depo shot, ... (whatever suits her and she can get right now, at least condoms should be possible!)
Or at least other forms of intimacy?
If neither she or you have thought about any of that, YDI, both of you!

By  power_in_the_now  |  19

Maybe you should make it a challenge to yourself but doing sweet and sexy things for her/to her so that it brings your sex life back alive... it sounds like she is using it as an excuse to not be bothered the whole time to have sex. If you maybe have sex centered on her and not you— she might be more likely to want to spend some of that boredom in the bedroom or whatever room in the house that your able to get her off in.

By  Susan Yee  |  9

Condom? Oral sex?