By jkass - 07/10/2011 15:07 - Australia

Today, I was pulled over by the police. The cop was my ex-boyfriend. He had no legitimate reason to pull me over, so he thoroughly checked my car. He gave me a defect notice and a fine. What for? A broken door lock, on my rear passenger door. FML
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Report his bacon ass! He shouldn't abuse his power

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Isn't that unlawful harassment? If you can prove you had a relationship and he's bitter, you should sue him and the city! Cha-ching!!! $$$


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Actually yes he can for a suprise drug/alcohol test.

He violated your 4th amendment rights. Search and Seizure. He can't search your car without a warrent or probably cause. Take him to court, the fine will probably be thrown out.


Don't forget OP lives in Australia. American rules wouldn't apply there...

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Where I'm from you can't be pulled over and have your car illegally searched. If there's no probable cause to search and no warrant I do believe that is not legal. Take him to court and get him what he deserves for abusing his power. Just because a cop can search your car does not mean he always has the right to do so. Should of said no you cannot search my car. He had no reason to pull you over anyways.. Ydi for letting him do so.

Actually 57 as part of an anti drinking and driving programm that a lot of countries joined( including mine). Cops have been put at strategic positions around cities to stop persons randomly and do them a a breath test and search their cars for drugs

every1luvsboners 11

Brt3420, you might have a point in a non-biased perfect world, but in this world cops can pretty much do whatever they want, and they know how to cover their arses. I was pulled over not too long ago at 2 am leaving work. Why? The cop said that my tag didn't match the "model" on my registration. Then come to find out it was a "glitch in his computer." So yeah, they can do whatever they want in order to find out what you're doing and who you are, and if there's any cause to search or question you for anything.

In Australia, we have RBT - random breath test; we can actually be pulled over on suspicion that the car is defective so they can search the car over to ensure its ok. But even on suspicion that it's defective we have to spend $200 to prove it's not. (Keep in mind each state has different laws - I'm going by South Australian Laws) I'm not sure about NSW laws. Also - #1 Australian cops don't carry nightsticks. Back to OP- your ex was out of line although they have the right to pull you over.

In America, every state, a cop can pull you over for no reason. You don't have the same rights inside your car as you do in your house or when walking. He can only search your car if he sees or smells something or if your acting suspicious...also if you give him permission to

But I thought cars were also considered like a house, since you're allowed to carry a concealed weapon and keep it in your car.

You can't carry a concealed weapon in you car without a permit.

64- 4th Amendment only applies in the USA. If you can read, it says Australia.

In America, you could take it to court and get rid of the fine. It actually is illegal, at least in Colorado as far as I know, for a cop to pull someone over for no reason because they are neglecting their job. I don't know the laws in Australia though.

Different country. Different rules. You can't always legally decline.

police in Australia have the authority to do random drug and alcohol testing. they're sometimes followed around by tv cameras, for a tv show here lol

I smell bacon, I smell grease, I smell the New South Wales, Austral-ion state police!!!

80, last week a man was shot in NSW because he had a gun with him in the car. Gun laws are tighter in Australia than the US. As for the car search, I don't think that they are allowed to do this unless the driver is found to be acting suspicious, maybe under the influence of drugs, or they suspect something is up. For no reason at all is just not justified.

Not in the U.S. But, even if they can, if he didn't state he was then, he can't. And if he pulled her over for that, why did he search the car? I think if OP fights this, he could have her ex fired.

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he can not do that actually. u should go to court for that if ur serious...

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Another asshole pig abusing his position of power.

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You break his heart & he's going to get even.

Maybe he broke her heart. We don't know. And I even don't know if OP can actually do something against him abusing his power. This isn't a major crime, so I guess friends politics will cover this up.

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It's most likely she broke her heart. Otherwise he probably wouldn't have done that.

Bwaah, maybe he hasn't left the jerkish-phase yet. Or they both broke eachother heart.

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Report him to the chief of police?

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I'd be funny if he was the one who broke the lock Xp

Report his bacon ass! He shouldn't abuse his power

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*Tries to imagine what a bacon ass would look like*.

yamatelle 19

Oh yeah, totally! Two buns made up of bacon strips with a (w)hole cut in the middle? Sounds delicious!

Take it to court. Abuse of authority!

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He's not abusing power, he could pull her over for driving 1 mph over the speed limit if he wanted to, it's jut called being an extremely strict, dick head.

45, considering they had a past relationship, it could be considered abuse of power (at least in Texas it is).

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He's really not abusing his power cause he never had that power. He's just breaking the law plain and simple

It doest matter. He had no reasonable suspicion to search the car. Sue him.

73 u really said sue him. Now the stereotype of America suing everyone grows stronger

74 You really said "u". Now the stereotype of dumb foreigners grows stronger.

45- if you read the FML, you would see that she said that he pulled her over for no reason, and THEN inspected her car.... That's abuse of power... Dumb ass.

I think that stereotype is about dumbass Americans

He had no real reason to pull her over or search the car. Based on the 4th (?) amendment she can have those charges dropped.

The stereotype is about dumbass [insert nationality here], everyone has done something to deserve it. Even the Germans. Although you don't hear much about the Germans because everyone somewhat unfairly assumes them to all be Nazis.

If he pulled her over for going 1mph over the speed limit then that's the ticket he should have written, not for rear door lock. Take he ticket to court and plead not guilty.

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107 - The OP Is from Australia. We don't have a fourth amendment...

But I should correct myself. In America a cop can pull you over for no reason as a regular check, but he cannot search the car because that violates the 4th Amendment (no unreasonable search or arrest). I'm not sure what it is in Australia.

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* being pulled over. On iphone and auto correct wasn't on.

^I read too much FMLs and Damn You Auto Correct's as I'm surprised by your comment.

Please do tell, how is a lock that is not working a safety issue while driving? It's not like if the door is unlocked it will fly away or something. That is a bullshit of a ticket. This cop should be doing Real work

Someone could easily steal the car...

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Isn't that unlawful harassment? If you can prove you had a relationship and he's bitter, you should sue him and the city! Cha-ching!!! $$$

Not everyone is out to sue everybody. Stop being greedy.

Ya but you can't let him get away with it

There is a difference between getting him fired for violating his oath and taking money from the Tax Payers

It's okay, you can sue him. I don't pay Australian taxes ;)

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You should of let him handcuff you and got out of the ticket :)