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By :(( - 24/06/2012 21:45 - United States - Montevideo

Today, my parents felt the need to lecture me about how people who "smoke the reefer" are a "waste of life" and will never amount to anything. I was baked during the entire conversation, and actually ended up breaking down in tears, because I realized they were totally right. FML
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nadnerbz 6

Here come all the weed debates...

Police officer: How high are you. Pothead: No officer, it's "Hi, how are you"?


vinnv226 14

At least you learned something.

"I was gonna go to class.... but then I got high....ooh oooh...."

bettyc4 26

Ya people argue weed can't be bad for you. It's " natural " they say. Well you know what else is natural? Bears :-)

dankpotatoes 2

Your argument is invalid. BOB MARLEY.

"I was gonna go to class.... but then I got high... ooh oooh...."

69 comments went by without one irrelevant reply to number 1 but there you go 70 making a stupid reply comment to number one with no relevance to to 1's comment at all congrats 77 for doing it again

bettyc4 26

79 number 1 comments on learning something. I provide an obvious statement to teach something. Therefore your insult is invalid :-)

xoconnie 8

Internet fighting fail. ^^^^ OP, at least you can now put your life back on track! I'm sure your parents will help you out! Good luck, you can do it :D

CaramelMacchiato 13

77 - I was gonna clean my room... But then I got high.

to each their own. As long as someone is not burdening and is actually contributing to society just let them do whatever the hell they want

I think the parents are a bit harsh saying he is a waste of life, but yeah if you smoke it all the time you should probably get a new hobby.

70 - I don't know why, I don't live in a very bear-heavy environment, but my house insurance covers bear attacks. So even bears have their weak spots!

To all of those people saying that his parents are right. They are wrong, I rent my own condo, and it's a very nice condo not in the getto. And I have a car. I pay for all of this stuff with my own hard earned money that I work 9 hours a day 5 days a week to make. And I smoke weed everyday. A loser is somebody that lives off the system (welfare). I am definitely not a loser.

I think people don't realize how many successful business people are smoking weed and snorting cocaine on a daily basis. Ignorance is bliss.

We was smoking that la la la la laaa, north side, east side, west side, my side - jonquest

b0ngs 7

weed IS natural, however smoking it is not. end of point

ChefPhilly 13

219, you most defiantly are a loser.

bettyc4 26

234-b0ngs bout time someone got it

The fact you think you can justify taking an illegal drug because you rent and drive proves what a ******* loser you are (:

219, just because a person is on welfare, does not make them a loser!

rallets 22

hes not a loser if hes doing all that on his own :)

219- Sooo you're one of everyone else, with a bunch of regular stuff, and a bad decision at the end of the day. Congrats, you're a real winner

324- lives off welfare( never tries to get a job, uses it to unnecessary items etc. ) he states he has a decent job a place to live. If he hadn't said he smokes weed you would've thought he is a great person with no problems but since he stated that he smokes it you think he is a loser. With that logic you could call someone an alcoholic because they had a bottle of beer. Personally I've smoked weed I do not support I but am definitely not against it because I know it does not harm anyone. Now OP has his right to choose just because he smokes weed doesn't mean he deserves it.

Sixers01 0

I don't smoke, but the fact that you are judging people for using an "illegal substance" that is less harmful than very legal substances like alcohol and tobacco just shows your ignorance. Just because something is illegal you label someone who uses it as a loser?

To all those people who say people that smoke weed are a waste of life: How many of you are using an iPod touch iPhone or MacBook to use fml because Steve jobs the mind behind all those smoked weed. Now I don't know how much or how often but I read that on many reliable sources so do you think he was a waist of life.

Sixers01 0

Oops, that was for 318 by the way

342, were you talking to me? Because I never said any of that :-/

213 I just want to let you know I tried to vote you down multiple times

SW500 13

For the record, Obama "smoked the reefer" quite frequently when he was young, and well he isn't exactly amounting to nothing.

429- Wasn't that rumor squashed? And he moat certainly doesn't do it now.

^^^ most of you are messing this whole thing up... and I know why, yeah heh...

Oh please... don't knock it until you've tried it. I'm sick of these close minded people calling out other people because they smoke some weed when it's totally socially acceptable to drink alcohol when it ruins lives every day.

jvillan87 5

318- I've been smoking pot since I was 12, graduated in the top 5% of my class, went to the University of Illinois, got my Bachelor's Degree and am currently working on my Masters. I am married with two children, work a wonderful job and make a great living. I accomplished all this and smoked pot almost everyday of my life. Am I a loser?

420- I thumbed you up because you're 420

Krajjan 9

318: Here's your logic. Illegal things = universally wrong. Women's right to vote = something that used to be illegal. Logical conclusion: bring me a sammich.

455 you are not a loser. People don't understand if used responsibly, you can lead a perfectly successful life, cannabis and all.

tjv3 10

The reefer has its uses. It has been used for thousands of years for medical reasons. The only reason it is illegal is because the govt makes more money that way. Plus when was the last time you heard of a pot head do anything really bad?

alyssa104 2

I hate ignorant people. Seriously, don't knock it till you've tried it. All of you guys talking shit about an innocent ass drug can STFU because until you've smoked up a couple times, your opinion doesn't count, ignorant *****.

502- You sound pretty hostile, there! But it's unfair to say someone's opinion doesn't matter because they choose not to dapple in drugs. I haven't ever lit up and smoked a day in my life. But I have done research on the effects of THC on the brain. I've done the same with opiates because I find those things interesting. And I hate the ignorant, too. I think it's ignorant to say someone's opinion doesn't matter. And that's like saying that since you've never met the president, your opinion won't count in the election.

alyssa104 2

Yeah, I get it, but I'm so annoyed by a bunch of people debating the effects of weed when they are neither informed, nor have the done it. I suppose your opinion can count if you're actually informed lol- so pretty much just yours

507- Well it is quite obviously ignorant to "hate the ignorant."

It's quite obviously ignorant to call one ignorant for hating the ignorant. ^

#72 What randomness is that... Bob Marley What?

Can't we all just pass the joint, and get along?

fucking_dev 2

I've learned that some people can handle pot like an adult .. & others are like ******* children , the ones that act like children give potheads a bad name ..

I live in colorado, have a medicinal marijuana liscence, graduated high school with a 3.9 gpa, live in a nice apartment on the rich end of town, work 70 hours a week as a roughneck, have a beautiful fiance, and I smoke a half ounce a week.... Legally I might add. I love my life and wouldnt change a thing about it

If you drink even a single drop of alcohol yet bitch about the "negative effects" of weed, you are a raging hypocrite. Kill yourself.

nadnerbz 6

Here come all the weed debates...

Debate this: Wanna know why weed is called pot? Because it smells like an unclean toilet. :D

Police officer: How high are you. Pothead: No officer, it's "Hi, how are you"?

It's a slippery slope: Beer, liquor, weed, coke, meth, chicks with dicks. Then jail.

No matter how "okay" you think weed is, you either avoid it or never get caught. Simple.

What kinda weed have u smoked 24....yikes

No debate weed us bad end of story. It alters the cobyrol you have over your own body

193 has a point. I don't want to lose my cobyrol.

206: I don't think anyone wants to lose their cobyrol

37 you do realize that the theory of weed being a gateway drug has been proven wrong In over 200 studies so you're wrong

Airman1988 9

230 I'm pretty sure he was dating that with a level of sarcasm/ humor.

Airman1988 9

Lucky for us you don't smoke weed because then you may not have control over your spelling.

193 - you make such an excellent point! I wish people like you were running this country! I hope I never lose my cobyrol; I'm never going to smoke weed again.

You just made my day sir... Thank you xD

ShadesOfSai 2

Sorry, have yet to see the negative effects of weed.

chane1100 6

300- where do you want me to start?

322 - Start with how we lose our cobyrol!

FYLinAmajorWay 1

Don't like guns? Don't buy one. Don't like gay marriage? Don't get one. Don't like ****? Don't watch it. Don't like weed? Don't smoke it. Don't like gas guzzling cars? Don't drive one. There you go...Debates are irrelevant. Just stay out of other people's lives and worry about your own!!

curlyfry33 8

347- people don't just debate about random crap just to do it. Most the time people debate about all those because it effects them at least indirectly. Something you have a problem with, ignore it and see what happens. See how stupid that looks

347 has a point. Unless its something like molesting kids or something crazy like that people should just mind their own business

I use weed and other party drugs occassionally. I think it's fine as long as you don't do any of them too frequently. That includes alcohol, which is more addictive and harmful than ecstasy or weed. Weed is good to use occassionally. It is relaxing, but if it's overdone you will lose all your dreams and accomplish very little...

Some very very smart people at ivy league schools smoke weed, but what they mean is people who get so obsessed with smoking weed that they kind of lose interest in schoolwork and such. But I feel like if people can smoke it responsibly, it should be legal in all 50 states (except north Dakota nobody cares about them)

Krajjan 9

Eh. The negative effects of alcohol and cigarettes are much greater. I'm not going to claim its harmless, smoking anything is terrible for your body. But I'd still rather have my kids smoke pot than drink and smoke cigs, that shit'll kill you for real.

TheVelocirabbit 10

Yes, weed can be bad for you when you use it irresponsibly. Yes, weed can be good for you when you are prescribed it for medical reasons. There, everybody wins.

Speak for yourself. I find Women with penises to be the most delightful of all women.

SecretMe00 5

Dude weed isn't ****** bad. OP you should not feel this way. It's the people who's never tried it that like to talk down on it. As long as you keep your motives in check and stay focused on your goals, what you do on your down time should not matter!!!!!

The_F3rris 11

I better watch my self cobyrol.

Banana_Pancakes6 0

If someone can actually give me legitimate negative long term effects on marijuana, I will respect you. People are ignorant and don't know what their talking about. To everyone: Go watch "Super High Me" on Netflix, then you can talk.

mikexs89 1

Too bad I've seen it first hand

rahulcool7 14

Give me a 10 OD's on marijuana and I can give you 100 for alcohol

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

445- When you smoke weed, there's this little thing called smoke. Well when smoke goes into your lungs it tends to hurt them, causing many long term effects. Mkay?

Have you ever heard of anyone to even OD on marijuana? You could just say: "show me 1 OD for marijuana, and I'll show you someone who's full of shit."

Even if pot itself isn't harmful (and it probably isn't), the stuff you buy on the street is unregulated, which is very dangerous. But I will concede that some people grow it themselves and know what they're doing.

Weed is illegal because of it interfering with the tobacco industry. it's good on circumstances, bad in others...I only support legally getting a medical marijuana if you actually need it. being baked in front of your parents ain't too smart either

Watch The Union on Netflix. Even more educational.

Daftendirekt1 0

445 - THC levels have increased from around 0.5% in the 70s to about 10% now. Too much THC screws with your brain's nervous systems and neurones etc. and can screw you over pretty bad. Respect me bitch.

It doesn't make you lose control of your body atall, saying that just proves your another one of the ever growing "never had any experience of it or looked in to it atall but happy to publicly bash it" crowd, having smoked weed and drank alcohol I can safely say that booze effects your balance more

Im not against occasional pot use but try smoking it for 15yrs then say it does no harm... I grew up in a rastafarian household and was once myself in the 'its natural, doesn't harm you' brigade... then It slooowly dawned on me that my memory recall and retention had gone to pot ;) ..motivation levels were practically nil and id become a "happy" social recluse as well as having almost forgotten how to string a sentence together.. gone are the days when I used to amaze my stoner family with all the "big" words I knew! Lmao! ...anyways I havent smoked for almost 2 months now and no going back.. weed has a tendency to hide the problems its creating, I suggest that some of you stoners out there actually research the long term negatives before you decide its harmless!

DKjazz 20

I just Googled "cobyrol", and it brought me back to this page!

322 anywhere cause I don't think you can

frank_dt 5

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HentaiBunny 4

You're an uneducated idiot ^.^

Let him be rude. If he needs to bring people down on the Internet, then I feel sorry for him. That's straight up pathetic, not only is he making people feel just as bad as he is pathetic, he is doing it online. There's no face or no one to respond. Let him be.

HentaiBunny 4

lol you're supposed to hate on me. you threw me off

CaramelMacchiato 13

Why do you make weird smileys? @.@ ^.^ lol!

D40 2

That was a bad joke. And ur stupid

Your ******* stupid dude no one's laughing. I don't see insulting yourself humorous, it's just plain idiotic.


someone who writes totally irrelevant comments so that he can fit in with the lesser minds that litter this site?

Okay everyone just settle down. Try to at least Remember this is the Internet

These empathetic ass kissing people are lame.

I rather have an empathetic ass kisser than an apathetic, arrogant asshole any day.

duckie227 22


duckie227 22


Its not right to call someone a waste of life. Ever. No one deserves to be told that.

259 Are you comment happy or something? Holy shit I corrected myself, who gives a flying ****?

Watch out, we got ALL the badasses here!

lorenzoman77 7

Sub change???! :] once upon a time, there was this unicorn who.... (finish)

310 - this was covered several hundred comments before yours.

frank_dt 5

you people can be so mean :

260 - I know a few people who are. No potential. Worthless drains on everybody else while they provide nothing to society. If we lived a few hundred years ago, natural selection would've claimed them, already. Egalitarianism doesn't always help.

3- so in assuming that if you know that op is a waste of life then that must mean that you've met op in person and know them well enough to judge them? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Why the hell would you ever say this? idiot.

At least he realized what he was doing is wrong so he might not be a complete waste of life. That's just my thought on the matter.

If people who smoke weed were a waste of life who won't amount to anything; then OP's parents must not love music, art, comedians, or people with glaucoma.

143- I don't think you're right. Many people love music and art yet they don't smoke weed.

168 I'm talking about the musicians themselves. They and other people in the arts get inspiration from it.

MarisaCB 16

First off, when marijuana is for medication, its in certain doses and you know it's safe. Second, "using it for inspiration" doesn't make it okay.

186: When has smoking weed not been safe? I don't recall anybody dying from smoking a doobie...

Basically what I'm trying to say is: if you use weed that doesn't necessarily make you a waste of life nor does it mean you won't amount to anything. Most of the greatest musicians that ever lived and have their names immortalized at the rock n' roll hall of fame smoked pot. The only reason why people have a problem with it is because it's illegal. There are things that are LEGAL that are worse than pot health wise.

Making it illegal for political reason is not right either. Besides the interpretation of the law, who the **** are you to decide what's right and wrong? Mind your business and move along if you don't like marijuana. Truth is hemp is singlehandedly one of the greatest plants on earth. Google it's uses.. You'll be surprised.

MindFreakazoid 10

Well his parents ARE right, but he doesn't deserve it :( keep living life, op!

pablopoo 7

C186?!??!?? Wtf i smoked a guys medical and Was higher than i ever was medical is the best you can get idiot

248- Iit must have taken a few of your brain cells...

Welp, you're dead wrong. There is no "dosage" Lol, you go the doctor, you tell them why you want the weed, if it's a decent reason, you go and get your medical card. Take it to a dispensary, you buy whatever amount of weed you want. You can buy a 400 dollar once a week if you want, they don't care, business is business. And for it making you a "waste of life" A care taker for medical dispensaries who grows medical cannabis for a living, can make 2,000 off harvesting one of his plants. Most care takers grow 10-20 plants, please tell me how they are a waste of life. :D

Oops, sorry, my comment is towards 186, I'm sorry. I don't comment on FML that often.

186- So how many tokes would it take for someone to overdose on weed? You're just making yourself sound stupid..

214 - I was with you until you got to the "mary-is-a-magic-bullet" bit. It certainly has its uses, but it's no cure-all. What kills people is not the drug itself, but poor judgement that takes over when you fry your brain. Like alcohol, it slows you down. Also like liquor, it will make you inebriated, making it impossible to drive a vehicle correctly, though in your inebriated state, you think you can. That's likely to lead to obvious and likely lethal outcomes. Like any drug, you CAN overdose on pot. You merely don't die as soon as you would with coke or heroin.

143, that point would be valid if many of those artists and musicians didn't move on to coke or heroine, which inevitably lead to a rather short life. Yes, their music and art is good but I'm not sure the ending of that story is worth it.

You'd have to smoke 1500 lbs in 15 minutes to OD...I'd love to see someone try it haha

404, Willie Nelson, or pretty much anyone in Pink Floyd. You think they've had short lives?

389 It's impossible to overdose on cannabis, 100%. There is no lethal dosage, the worst you can do is smoke yourself to sleep.

425, the list with short lives is a bit longer than the ones that are still kicking, down vote me or not but the obituary doesn't lie...

MetalxSoldier 26

Don't blame it on the weed. I smoke and I'm a king.

Weed. If you smoke weed ur weak because you need it to go through life. I pity the foo's!... Actually no I don't. Retards.

only skunk weed smells like skunk I'm told. however its rediculous as to why they originally made it illegal anyway. this coming from a non pot smoker

31 not everyone smokes to cope with life.

87 is right, some just smoke because they think it's 'cool'...

gree_fml 11

Or maybe some just like to get high... There are some people that don't smoke to look "cool"

Almighty_Chris97 6

Ok some people smoke weed because they think it's 'cool' but normally you smoke weed for the same reason you drink. To have a good time.

163- I really hope you know what the Rastafarian colors represent in your profile picture and you didn't just pick it cause you're such an awesomeeeeee pot heeeeeead. And again, it's possible to have a good time without weed.

And why did you feel the need to state that?...

If that's directed at me, it's a free country.

31 just because a person smokes weeds doesn't mean they need it to "go through life"

142 and some smoke because they enjoy it

194-Considering that FML--and the internet, for that matter-- doesn't exist solely in the U.S.A, that gun-slinging 'it's a free country' American motto doesn't apply, nor does it even hold ground. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

for "and again" to make any sense you would have to be countering someone who said that "it is impossible to have a good time without weed/beer/whatever" ... no one even remotely suggested anything of the sort.

209- You're right. But since I live in the states, I will be exercising my right to free speech on the Internet. ;D

169, I almost agreed with you until that stupid line where you negated a point that was never raised. Nobody said you couldn't have a good time without weed, but the same can be said for ANYTHING.

332- You're right. It can. And yes. The point was raised. Not directly, no, but it was implied.

koolkat27 13

MetalxSoldier unless you mean you're the king of stupidity and memory loss, than no, you're not a king.

Look at you your wearing a ******* plastic crown and have a lip ring and an eyebrow ring.

Your an idiot, did it ever occur to you that people might smoke weed because they enjoy it? In the same way that a responsible drinker might have a few beers now and then? It's like saying anyone who's ever had a drink is an alcoholic, and uses booze as a crutch for life, ignorant chimp.

kristabelli 19

And it's possible to have a better time by smoking weed

mustberachel 2

Herb is the healing of the nation.

I wonder if that's why they decided to lecture you?

Probably the fact he was baked....? Nice picture, by the way.

Is getting arrested for possession okay sometimes (if it's illegal where you live)?

Because cops always arrest people for possession of a little pot...

Then don't get arrested. I haven't and I've been caught like 3 times. If all u have is a blunt from time to time I highly doubt you'll get arrested. Most cops would let that go

Exactly the point of my sarcasm, hah!

Vette_girL1980 5

Just as long as you don't inhale

CallMeMcFeelii 13

If your smart you don't get caught. Shit happens though. A little weed never killed anyone, unless for some crazy coincidence like pineapple express. Haha.

People who abuse drugs are losers. It's all about moderation.

beccaishereyay 11

46, all you're doing is making assumptions and accusations, on this comment and on others, based on what? Beliefs your parents have, what your teachers say, or what you hear on Disney channel? Stop trying to debate something you obviously know nothing about.

212- hence the fact I said a small amount from time to time

232- it's not making an assumption. Maybe not where you live, but in her area and mine, there is very low tolerance for possession of pot. Don't act like you know everything about it too. She could know more about it than op for all we know.

232- Is your sole mission to ride my ass about every comment I made on this FML? What accusation did I make? It isn't an "assumption" if I've seen a lot of people have their lives ****** up by marijuana. I've seen my share of juveniles and adults put away for possession. My family contains a lot of lawyers, judges, etc., so I think I might know a thing or two about the repercussions of smoking illegal drugs. And I'm developing my own opinion on my own experiences and what I've seen happen to others.

klovemachine 24

That was a little harsh of them, but hopefully it will help you change yourself for the better!

Depends how old OP is. If he's a teenager it can cause major depression and other nasty issues. Seen it firsthand.

It doesn't cause depression depression is a reason to smoke weed

Yeah, but if he is a teenager he can still turn his life around easier than a guy in his mid-20s

golfman717 0

Are you mentally restarted?

239- I'm not sure you can restart your mind.

It just exacerbates pre existing issues, which may or may not be apparent before use. But I agree, waiting till the brain is fully developed at 18 is a better idea.

Errr ...yes it can #107 ...though some people smoke to relieve the symptoms of depression due to marijuanas mind numbing affects. *shakes head* ...Sooo many misinformed people on here with no idea what they're talking about! Weed affects everybody differently, one persons experience is not going to be the same as anothers. Im assuming you've all carried out long term neurological research studies on the effects of all strains of weed on every genetic make-up of humankind have you?? seeing as there's so many adamant statements coming from both sides...!? unless anybody here has a PHD or a research paper in a relevant scientific field then i suggest you all shut the *@#* up cos nobody realistically knows what they're talking about... and the opposing side doesn't care anyway.. Bring on the thumbs down, its past my bedtime..g'nite

Thought id better make something clear.. sorry for the generalistion, I dont actually literally mean everybody.. by 'all' im referring to the people who are throwing out uneducated statements under the pretence that they know what theyre talking about with nothing to back them up except the singular fact that they either smoke or have heard on the governmental grapevine that weed is an evil illegal.. its a bloody herb! and like any thing else on this earth, can be internally or mentally destructive if you overdo it.

Aug1508 9

It's never too late to change.