By egc573 - United States - Fullerton
Today, at a party, I told a joke to my crush. He didn't even smile. An hour later, I heard my model friend tell the exact same joke to him. He said it was the funniest thing he'd ever heard. FML
egc573 tells us more :
You guys are great. If I was broken up about this at all, I'd feel much better from a lot of the comments. I'd been flirting with this guy for a while, and this was the coldest he'd ever been to me. He met my friend that very night and wanted to get laid is all. But joke's on him--the friend's engaged! As for the whole maybe my friend told the joke better thing, it's not the kind of joke that needs a bunch of buildup and then a big punchline. It was more of a sarcastic comment-type thing. She didn't tell it any better than I did.
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  IsAbElLiCiA20  |  6

Well at least you found out this early that he's a jerk. Don't even bother. Be glad all that was wasted on him was a split second and a good joke.
I'm sorry that happened, OP.

  Renesaga  |  8

66 - the "awe" in the dictionary wouldn't be of proper context in 1's use. The dictionary "awe" is used like, "To be in awe of." whereas "aw" would just be like "Aw, I'm sorry." But really, I'm just trying to wrap up the debate, because I don't care about spelling one way or another, as long as you can make out what a person is saying, and it's legible.


and the reason it says awe like that isnt because its the sympathetic awe, it just means they're amazed by whatever it is. so before you correct someone, you should check that out as well.


Everyone is dissing the guy, when we don't even know the whole situation, for all we know the guy has liked the friend for a while. Just because the other girl is a model doesn't mean everyone only likes her for her looks.

  angelk12  |  6

No no silly 31 ! Doosh and douche sound COMPLETELY different said out loud ! I prefer saying it doosh, got a bit of a ring to it. ;)
Don't worry 4 I'm with you!

  Daftendirekt1  |  0

126 - I can see your taste in electronic music is clearly a long and intricate one. Who's your favourite dubstep artist? Mine's Daft Punk. Although they did steal Kanye's Stronger...


  downtime  |  12

Sounds more like he's thinking with his head to me. Knowing when to laugh and when not to laugh, yep, that required logic and rational thought, good on him :D
How do you know he doesn't just find the OP to be a really annoying person? Maybe he doesn't even like her as a person and wants to ensure she is aware of it. Or maybe he's picked up on her vibes of interest and is trying to distance himself somehow. Or the obvious, maybe the joke just isn't funny and he's trying to give indications of interest of his own.

  Sinamoi  |  18

Well here it appears OP didn't know that side of him. She didn't intentionally pick a douche. The FML is built on that; "Wow, the person I like is an asshole."