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Today, my dad sat me down and angrily accused me of doing drugs, all because he's noticed I've recently become a lot more energetic and emotional than usual. The truth is, I'd been smoking weed daily for 3 years and just decided to never smoke it again 2 weeks ago. FML
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Tell him the truth then

Looks like you made a good decision then! Did you tell him the truth?


Tell him the truth then

I would avoid the truth actually... They'll be more upset then proud of your decision

"Dad, weed better talk"

johnrdz3 24

"High dad. We need to talk"

"hey dad?...... Damn if I wasn't totally baked I'd have the best pun right now,"

Looks like you made a good decision then! Did you tell him the truth?

If he tells him he'll overreact...... Like.... REALLY OVERREACT

Moklon 18

Good for you for quitting

Good on you OP! Congrats for quitting. But Dad has got it all wrong, I see?

Sit him down and say "Dad, I am being this way now because I have become a better person. I have made a change in my life and I feel great about it. I swear I am not doing drugs. This is just who I am now."

Just because he's not smoking weed anymore doesn't make him a better person. I agree on the other parts though!

This is a much better response! Better then the full truth

#11 Making the right choice is the first step to being a better person. Don't be so cynical. Rock on OP!

I dont know what cynical means... Oh wait, now i do. :P

I wasn't being cynical. It's just that I know some amazing people who happen to smoke weed and some horrible ones who don't do drugs, just as the other way around. Thus, to me it's wrong to say somebody is a better person just because he doesn't smoke weed. It might make the way he feels and his life better, but not the person he is. (of course this is the same for women)

Damn, editing time ran out but I wantend to add "and transgender, intersexual etc. people" into that bracket. Was too stupid and tired to simply use "they" instead of "he", sorry.

It's all gone a little Alanis!

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Good on you for quitting!

I don't understand why everyone's saying "congrats for quitting." Weed ain't that bad compared to smoking cigarettes or being an alcoholic. That's like saying "congrats on cancelling your gym membership!"

35, if you think smoking weed is comparable to having a gym membership, you're either smoking weed very wrong or using the gym in ways that I don't want to know about.

1 week later (*stoned*)

Where did opi say anything about smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol? And if opi had quit either of those, people would still be making the same remarks. We're not supposed to put any of that shit in our bodies. I second #36

Honestly, marijuana has so many different effects on a ton of different people. OP quit because of personal reasons and I say good for them. I used to smoke for about a year and I still got a 4.0 GPA, but my parents freaked the ever-living shit out at me so I quit with no issue and have been sober since. However, I have seen people spend their last bit of spending money on weed (which is totally stupid) TL:DR good on op for making a personal decision to better themselves

I'm no anti-marijuana person, but it completely baffles me when people pretend that it's harmless or even good for you. It's a recreational drug. Unless you have glaucoma or chronic pain, you don't need to be using it, and ask your doing is inhaling smoke and / or print chemicals in your body that don't need to be there, which can only do you harm. It's not that much different than claiming it's perfectly fine to use vicodin recreationally.

Sorry for the typos. Ducking Swype.

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Weed drains your dopamine (It's pretty much your happiness) and leaves you sad after you get done smoking it, causing you to smoke more. Leaving the drug alone and never touching it will let you and your "happiness" return without some substitute.

#49 If weed is bot meant for consumption why the fuck is it here?

#83 Please tell me that isn't a legitimate question you are actually asking. Poisonous berries "are there", poison ivy "is there", a bunch of dangerous shit "is there", but it's not all for human consumption.

There are ways to virtually eliminate the health risks. For example, I only vaporize the stuff as to not inhale the harmful smoke. The smoke is what's bad for you, not weed. Also, my health has never been better since I started using weed again. I've actually lost weight even though I haven't been exercising (probably because I hardly drink beer anymore). I have a good career as an engineer, am happily married, and remodeled our whole house in my spare time. This unhealthy, unhappy, lazy stoner stuff is just a BS stereotype

so hes upset that youre not emo anymore? parents...

IAmzephyr 22

smoking weed doesn't automatically make someone part of the emo group.

The FML says he's become more emotional, so your wording doesn't make much sense.

Emo is just short for emotional

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Well aside from your dad's reaction I hope you are positive about the changes in your behavior and have found more happiness since you've quit smoking. Sure that numbness is enjoyable but I think that now that you've quit you'll be able to live and enjoy life more then you could of before. I wish you luck and I hope your dad cools off and gets off your case sooner rather then later.

I take it your father never noticed your sluggish behavior when you started. I can't excuse you for doing the drug, but there ought to have been some parenting in there somewhere.

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between teen on weed and stereotypical lazy do-nothing teen

#10 I don't know where you got your brainwashed thought on weed. I'm 20 and not with my parents anymore, but I've smoked weed from age 15-now. Even while living with my parents, they never suspected a thing. It didn't change me, I'm still an energetic and fun person, just like I was 5 years ago, and even before then. I think you should not jump to the conclusion that weed makes you sluggish and horrible for doing it.

so many people at this site are pretty judgemental when it comes to that stuff. probably because they were raised on the war on drugs era and only recently are states one at a time realizing that that specific herb has health benefits and shouldn't be grouped with harder more dangerous narcotics like it used to be.