By thatkid00117 - United States - Avalon
Today, while lifeguarding at my local beach, I noticed someone having difficulty swimming back to shore. I ran out and swam him back to shore. Once we were on dry land, he cussed me out for "emasculating" him in front of his girlfriend. FML
thatkid00117 tells us more :
Hey guys, it was a pretty rough day so I wasn't surprised at least one person encountered trouble, and he didn't speak a word whilst he was gripped tightly to the flotation device. Once on shore I asked him if he was alright and instructed him how not to get caught in another rip current. He promptly to me to "f off" and that he didn't need help. At that point his girlfriend ran up to ask if he was hurt, and everything went downhill from there. I appreciate the sympathy, but it would be a little irresponsible of me to let the man die :)
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  Ambient25  |  24

OP should look on the bright side, the guy is in line for the next Darwin Award..."Oh no I'm drowning...but there might be witnesses so I can't tell anyone..."

  Flaum  |  7

People do that, believe it or not, especially the sort whose attempts at showing off backfire when they get caught in the tide, and then yell at the guy who saved them.