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By Anonymous - 23/07/2009 11:13 - Greece

Today, I said to our pool-boy, "I know what you're doing, and you have to stop it." He started shouting that I had no right to tell them what to do and that they were in love. He was referring to his relationship with my eldest son. I wanted to tell him to stop drinking my beers. FML
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SystemofaBlink41 27

I don't think OP's FMLing because of him being gay, but more because it was an awkward situation...

Um...I think one or two of you missed the point (like #2), OP wasn't mad that the pool boy and his son were in a gay relationship, he just wanted the pool boy to STOP DRINKING HIS BEER. He probably didn't know his son was gay, or if he did, he didn't care.


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But he's fucking the help. That's just totally unacceptable. /s

... I don't see a significant problem with that And anyway #2, coming from someone with homophobic parents, I can understand it is hard for the previous generation to let go of their homophobia. And even if they have no problem with homosexuality, they tend to not want their children to be gay. I mean, their children are going to get a lot of grief from people over it; they're not going to lead the normal lives their parents pictured. No matter their beliefs, it is difficult for them.

seb12992 0

#2 must be a homo himself.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I don't think OP's FMLing because of him being gay, but more because it was an awkward situation...

Still an FML if his son is gay.

It didn't even occur to me that OP might be homophobic until I read your comment.

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AJ872 0

Why is this comment hidden? It is a sucky way to find out. And to bury it and leave so many anti-gay and flat out rude comments up is ridiculous.

What the fuck, it's not even hidden

yeah fuck you, your just jealous

of what would i be jealous?

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I think this is an FML because OP just wanted to tell the pool-boy to stop drinking his beers, but rather got yelled at for something he didn't mean.

Aww just like a Lifetime movie.

aw man i wanted to see that movie!

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BillyJoe88 0

How is being gay "actually a really good thing"? It's actually a much more dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle compared to a non-gay lifestyle.

Actually you're wrong. Lesbians for example can't get AIDS. Stop being so ignorant you fuck-tard. As for the OP, who cares?

Hey, how's being an epic douchebag working out for you? :D

..Okay 1st I don't see how being gay is a "really good thing". It's just a relationship, i don't see how a gay relationship could be any better than a straight relationship. 2nd why would you assume that just because the son is in love with "the help" doesn't make "the help" a "successful young man." He has a job. They probably make good money. It's sad that you judge a life based on what they do for a living. 3rd the OP never stated he wasn't "1000%" okay with the relationship, but more how he found out.

What's wrong with dating the help? Pretty sure a relationship shouldn't be based on how successful the person is.

What stereotype would he be thinking of #27? The about how gay men are at a higher risk for AIDS than straight men? Cause when there is statistical proof, it's not a "stereotype" it's a fact. Admittedly, it's mostly due to gay people from the '70s, but the point remains. Also, I wouldn't have a problem with you if you didn't use your homosexuality as a justification for your air of superiority and self-righteousness. Somehow, your sexual preferences make you a better person than everyone else? What about people who prefer reverse cowgirl position? Does that give them wisdom? Does a foot fetish give you a better sense of humor? People like you give gays just as bad a name as real-life Brunos. Why don't you get off your high horse and define yourself by more than your sexual orientation?

#33 Lesbians can get Aids, they're just much less likely to contract it than heterosexuals and gay men because of smaller amount of contact.

AJ872 0

What world do you live in where lesbians can't get AIDS? Somebody needs to go back to school.

Stephnesss 0

@11, how is being gay 'a really good thing'? I don't see how different it is from a straight relationship... I think you're one of those people who treat gay people like they're handicap. My good friend is gay & he absolutely hates it when people single him out like that... it's just a sexual orientation. @69 I agree with you... Since when is AIDS off limits to lesbians? That makes no sense.

@11: Alright, I'm gay, and I would disagree about it being a good thing. I would actually prefer to be straight, simply because I don't want all the homophobes out there attacking me and thinking I'm a freak (my parents included). That said, I do feel a bit glad about it. I feel like being gay works out quite well for me. I mean, I don't even want kids! Most gay partners don't have kids, whereas if you're straight, you'll find it difficult to find a partner who doesn't want kids. I'm also a lot more socially comfortable around guys than girls, and to be honest I think that you get a lot of crazy girls, and am glad I don't have to worry about dating them . But I'd STILL rather be straight, just because life would be easier. Homophobia phails

Um...yes they can. Do some research, please. http://lesbianlife.about.com/od/lesbianhealth/a/LesbianAIDS.htm

what the fuck? #11 being gay IS NOT OK. go shoot ur self asshole!

lots of gay people are more tolerant because we've had to put up with the shitty, ignorant people that life is constantly bombarding us with. we can more easily relate to other minorities. I do wish that people would leave being gay to just a sexual preference and just one aspect of a much more dynamic, complex person. this also entails getting rid of prejudice and letting us live our lives, even the so called "real life Brunos", which, in the way you said it, is as prejudice as saying "fag", or "faggot".

ArielTheMermaid 17

Hang on here. 11 why would you say it's 'just a phase'? That's probably one of the most ignorant things I've read on this site....and most of the people on here are idiots.

I think he meant dating the pool boy was just a phase.

Oh my god, your comment is stupid in so many ways! What's wrong with hooking up with the 'help'? Stop thinking of your self as superior over other people. He's a pool boy. Maybe it's a part time job. But if it isn't who are you to judge what's considered as a successful job? Some people in the world are needed to clean pools. Otherwise then we would have no pool cleaners and all the pools will be dirty. And you think that #5 is racist? Look at yourself first!

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I have to agree here!

Ketz 0

Well, I mean, the guy's son is hooking up with his pool boy.

So? From the information the OP gave us, the two people in the relationship are happy. Love isn't restricted by social class or wealth.

I love this comment.

Stephnesss 0

I guess it depends how old the pool boy is & how old the son is. Maybe that's what the OP is upset about. If he had a relationship with her eldest daughter & she was say... 15? & the pool boy was 21... then we have a problem.

I was going to say pretty much exactly what you said #78 This FML doesn't seem to be relevant to gay bashing. Age and the un-professionalism of the pool boy in stealing beer on top of dating any part of the client's family seem to be the FML. Meeting his daughter's boyfriend through similar circumstances would probably have unsettled him just as much, especially, as the commenter above me pointed out, if the age differences are big enough to cause legal unrest (if the pool boy is an adult and the child-in-question is underage).

I don't think he's upset about his son being gay, just that he had to find out that way.

ha, i love these kind of FML's.

athiest_pope 0

so he's gay?