By oops - 19/11/2014 17:03 - Canada - Victoria

Today, I was on a date, and I went to put my arm around her, trying to be romantic, but my coordination went straight to hell. Instead of her shoulder, I ended up accidentally grabbing her tit. FML
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mmhmm "accidentally" suuure OP

That probably wasn't your breast decision....


mmhmm "accidentally" suuure OP

This has actually happened to me before. I have long arms so when my arm hangs off of her shoulder, it just lands on her boob naturally. Luckily it hasn't gotten me slapped yet.

yeah we all know your lying op ;) did she like it or no?

Wtf I made emojis and they turned out like "???" And now I can't remove the comment O.o

57 - Or a combination of those :p

Get 'em while you can.

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That probably wasn't your breast decision....

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that awkward eye contact afterwards

I'm confused, did you miss the shoulder completely and grab in front? or grab the other side? either way, that's awkward. hopefully you were both able to laugh it off

What's the problem. I don't see one

I accidentally did that to a girl once because it was extremely cold where we were so we huddled to keep warm and I thought I was holding onto part of her jacket but it was her boob and she didn't say a word for about 10 minutes until I realized what was going on.

Your profile pic totally goes with your comment.

Is the profile picture how your face looked once you realized what you have done? :D

It's more like his girlfriend's face during those 10 minutes.

I'm guessing y'all ended up dating, or already were, because if she didn't say anything she either liked it or didn't mind. Either way, you my good sir, are a legend.

I agree with the above comment - the display picture fits right in with your comment (#8)

This a fml why? More like a win