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Today, I was talking to the girl I really like, and she was telling me how crappy her day was. Trying to be nice, I gave her a back rub. I somehow managed to unhook her bra. FML
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Well, many would kill for that talent of yours, many guys have to try that for several minutes, while us girls wait awkwardly.... Chin up!


fucking_dev 2

I don't see the FML part here.. so did you have sex with her or??

You were really desperate for that #1 spot, weren't you?

GoodLookingGeese 10

Leave the kid alone, he's poor enough to think you can have sex with **** all by them self.

yoursucklives 36

well, there is such a thing as tittfuck.

For a proper back rub the bra should be undone, and put a little icy hot on your fingers.

For her sake, wash your hands before you move lower

AbstraktThoughts 13

Shit, I think I may speak on behalf of all guys when I say that I need to learn this trick.

I think this goes into the IGMS (I Gots Mad Skills) category.

ise3 10

Ikr? How is this an fml. High five You deserve it man

MrBrightside21 20

53 - "So Luke, how did you find out you were the chosen one?" "Well I was giving this girl a backrub..."

14, bras are stupidly easy for guys to unhook since we don't have to contort our arms to reach the hooks. I've been driving my girlfriend crazy because I can undo hers with only 2 fingers

65-Anikan is the chosen one. Learn your Star Wars.

Never claimed to be a good speller. I just know the plot.

dyehardxen 19

No, Ani was supposed to be. Then he turned. Luke was the true chosen one.

No, actually Anakin did turn into Vader, leaving you to THINK Luke is the chosen one, but in the end of episode six, Vader turned back and killed the Emperor, ultimately destroying the sith. Anakin was the chosen one.

Did this conversation really just go from unhooking girls bra's, to star wars? Wow.

McAninch35 9

^First time on FML? Get ready, it gets worse.

X_Codes 11

@88 - No, Anakin Skywalker was the chosen one who brought balance to the force. By killing every-*******-one.

98 - they also needed suprisingly low number of comments for this change of subjects... I guess it also suggests who in this thread may have problems with unhooking a bra.

7yzz 18

-_- from bras to star wars, whats next, fleshlights and Dr Who?

Nothing wrong with Doctor Who and unhooking bras.

I unhook bras while watching doctor who. The manaquin always likes it.

Toasty283 8

What the hell, 92!? You ruined the ending...

Guys you're missing the point. This man is a God.

My bf can do it one handed without lookin :3

dmoran20 27

Oh yeah? My girlfriend can undo my pants with her mouth in the dark with her hands behind her back! Wait, damn it... I keep getting getting reality confused with shit I wish would happen...

Well, many would kill for that talent of yours, many guys have to try that for several minutes, while us girls wait awkwardly.... Chin up!

yoursucklives 36

i don't know what's so hard about unhooking bras. it's just a simple hook, everybody should get that concept.

hey now. have some sympathy. I'm a girl and sometimes get frustrated. especially with the 3 hook kind! sorry, OP but hey... the locker room guys will love it lol

Yeah I have trouble with the triple hook ones too, the single and double hook ones are pretty easy.

I wouldn't call it a "talent", necessarily, but if someone can't do it I will call them a dumbass.

Triple hook bras are hard (especially with one hand, without looking at it), and often after you've had a bra a while (and it's been through the laundry enough) the hooks get a bit bent. I have one bra that has hooks that jam like crazy.

I always thought it was kind of funny if the guy can't figure it out right away. It's no fun to rush it anyways.

It's actually really not that hard, first time it was, after that first time it's pretty simple. I wouldn't really call anyone a dumbass if they can't do it tho. Just like that guy who has the Guinness world record for unhooking a large amount of bras in a given time limit.

That's why you get a bra that hooks in the front, then he can't accidentally unhook it, and when the girl wants him to unhook it, it'll be more fun!

danieljmurray 3

Well when you ladies have big ta ta's with the triple clasps, it's difficult.

spiritfang11237 16

wait...there are single hook bras?

spencerc87 2

Vdrill I'll get you off in seconds. I mean get IT off in seconds.

7yzz 18

I fail to see how theres males who know how to do complicated physics equations and put them into practice, but when it comes to unhooking a bra, they fall flat on their face. -_-

What 144 is really trying to say is he'll get himself off in seconds. You're welcome.

dmoran20 27

This is why I always keep wire cutters close by...

7yzz 18

I find it hilarious how theres nerds who are mentally talented enough to put advanced physics into practice, but cant unhook a bra haha, kinda sad...

Several minutes?! It's the snap technique two fingers one second

good going there I'm sure she felt much looser

ninjaqueen101 18

With his magic fingers and all.

Get more quarters to feed the machine, magic fingers cost serious $$

That sucks man hope see isn't too mad ad you

ThePsyche 9

Explain to me how this situation sucks? Because I find it a rather milestone in OP's life, the man in gifted.

Well, OP likes the girl. The girl may not necessarily want somebody to unhook her bra accidentally, especially if they were in a public place, which we don't know. So, she might've got mad at him, burying his chances of some action in the future. I guess that's what 8 might've meant.

Or.... She may have asked for his help to redo it :D

Kallian_fml 21

And my boyfriend can't even undo mine when he wants to. You've got some talent.

Prepare yourself: 'Doesn't matter, had sex!' jokes are coming...

Since when did a simple back rub become 'sex'?

Maybe that's the closest he came to having sex.

BellaBelle_fml 23

31- It's not hard to go from a simple back rub to having sex. It happens quite often actually. A back run can be very sensual if done properly. And it is such a turn on! My husband and I love to give each other back rubs and it usually escalates into much, much more pretty quickly. There's a super cute onesie that says, "All Mommy wanted was a back rub!" And it's so true!

davek 36

Consider yourself lucky, don't guys usually struggle with that?

Octain 13

Either you are implying you are a master, or you've never been with a girl before :)

missyj0 12

ooor, he/she is implying they've heard a lot of guys say they've had trouble with the boobie holders.

Maybe they can't do it when they try to. They're only good at accidently unhooking bras.