By BrilsmurfO_O - 06/04/2009 14:12 - Netherlands

Today, I was at IKEA with my parents. I walked away from them and later I heard the speaker of the store call my name asking me to come to the playground because my mom and dad were worried. I'm 18. FML
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I keep seeing FMLs like this... Does no one have a cell phone? And what is up with parents these days!?


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my parents are strict and sometimes over protective.

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ha ha ha ha I do this to my kids all the time, just for fun! One of the great things about having teen age kids is that you can embarass them with your very presence. LoL Good times!

I wouldn't say this is entirely an FML. Your parents might not have known that you had a phone or anything and got worried. IKEA is a large store and one might easily get lost. They probably just wanted to leave and didn't know where you were or how to contact you. I know my parents would do this, since I come from a very overprotective family, but in this case, I don't think it was exactly uncalled for. I know if I had any kids that wandered off in IKEA, 18 or not, I would go to security without thinking twice.

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LOL Parents: ruining your life since when you can remember...

I keep seeing FMLs like this... Does no one have a cell phone? And what is up with parents these days!?

First of all your parents are way overprotective and dont you have a cell phone?

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Maybe they were out of minutes or it's dead.

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LMAO. ur parents are mad paranoid

did you tell them you were going to look around the store? do you have a phone? I'm assuming you just left without saying anything and didn't have a phone, in that case I don't blame your parents.

are you aparent #5 if you are NO ONE GIVES A **** WHAT YOU SAY

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that's what parents do, worry

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hahahahaha! actually that happened to me once but it was in a borders book store. it is rather humiliating.. fyl indeed.

Aww, that's not a FML moment. That's just cute! :)

Well, at least they haven't left without you, be happy they found you!