By Anonymous - Australia
Today, my crackhead neighbour got slightly annoyed at my 2-day-old daughter's late-night wailing. Well, I think so, anyway, as she politely requested us to "SHUT THAT CUNT KID UP." or she would "BLOW BOTH OUR HOUSES UP, YOU FUCKING ASSFUCKS." But I'm not 100% sure. FML
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  withered  |  30

Other people should not be inconvenienced because you decide to breed. People have their own lives, jobs and need sleep. It is pretty selfish to tell them to "get over it". The world does not revolve around you. YOU should show some consideration and sound proofing the baby's room and/or hand out some ear plugs or something like that.

  starile  |  19

Sounds like it was used as a noun here, to me. Not like an adjective at all. Adjectives are describing words, like if it was used here, "Keep that kid out of my ASSFUCKING FACE". Describes the face. Instead it was used as a person, place, or thing (the OP is the assfuck). Like, "Now THAT was a good assfuck!" It's being used as a noun. /end grammar nazi-ing/

In either case, I can easily see this being used in the good ol' US of A, too! We enjoy colorful, nonsensical language!

  ToxicTyrael  |  26

^sometimes you can't do anything because the baby is annoyed or angry and some kids don't react to a calming parent but to ignorance

My mother told me that the more she tried to calm me the more I screamed. But when she just ignored me for like 10 minutes I went quiet. And sometimes (especially if the baby is just tired or angry) you don't want to calm it and just wait because you are tired or angry. It's not that bad to do so.

  tantanpanda  |  26

^#64 was talking about kids. Sure, a baby in public can't really stop crying, but a kid sure as hell can. This may not be popular opinion, but parents that ignore their freaking child while they're wailing for everyone to hear in the supermarket or something pisses me off. There are methods to get children to stop crying, parents just have to find it. You are being a disrespectful shit letting your child be an annoyance in public when they can completely control themselves. Babies, of course not, but kids have the ability to shut up and parents should use their authority to make the child be quiet.

  natesmummy  |  11

If my son is screaming in public, it's because I've put him in the pushchair after he wouldn't hold my hand and stay with me. So yes, I will ignore him. He's 18 months so technically a toddler.

  doodlecloud  |  26

62 and others - 7 was not suggesting that the baby calm down, she meant that the crazy neighbour should calm down because as others have said, it's only a baby and can't help it.

  miranderrr14  |  10

When my 3 year old throws a temper tantrum in public bc she didn't get what she wanted, I will ignore her. Why? Bc when she gets the attention, it won't stop and she'll scream louder. When I ignore her, she stops soon after bc she realizes she's not going to get her way. Not all kids are the same. Some just need to be ignored for them to stop.

  sonasonic  |  34

I don't think OP needs to move if her neighbour is really the crackhead she really is. Calling the cops would be good enough to remove the threat to OP and her family.