IDANÄS IVAR d'you go?

By Nicole - 03/04/2011 07:11 - United States

Today, I was in IKEA when my friends and I thought it would be fun to play hide and seek. We all hid; I was in a good hiding spot. Half an hour later, I was still there. I texted my friends to see where they were. They all left to see a movie, and forgot about me. FML
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I'm pretty sure they didn't just "forget" about you.


Yeah...but at least she did some advertising.

rebekahah 7

yeah. hopefully it was a good movie. :)

smileeee_fml 0

i dont think her friends wanted to 'play' hide & seek in the first place. it was all a plan so she can go hide and they leave.

ImmortalKratos 0

well guess that makes this Fml a little worse "today I found out that none of my friends like me and ditched me at ikea"

op YDI if you actually thought hide and seek was a good idea it's obvious why your friends would want to ditch you. Unless you are like 10 and if that is the case fyl for being stuck at ikea but go call someone to pick you up and get revenge.

rallets 22

whats wrong with hide and seek? >:O

Lol maybe you talk during movies so they said PEACE!

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58 I used to do that to the fuckface brats when I was in preschool

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maybe her "friends" left her bc she's immature and her friends think she's annoying so the only plan was to get rid of her. and only a child would fall for a game like that. dumbass

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88 You've obviously never been to an IKEA. It's the best store in the world! Furniture for the ladies, day-care type thing for the kids, and a food court for the guys! What will IKEA bring us next?

I don't know how old OP is, but say she was about 15-17 years old and her and her friends are just really IKEA-y. I've noticed how some persons tend to wish they were children again at that age, which would explain the hide-and-seek. Also, how can you NOT want to play hide-and-seek in IKEA? It's like a magical fairyland of magic! XD

OP, they probably don't like you, so they were trying to get away. Do not take this the wrong way, just get new friends.

They went to see a justin beiber concert lucky they forgot about you!

^ well considering it said movie... I think they saw Justin bieber in 3d. not the same but it's in ******* 3d

Careful puppy, that kitty has a sniper rifle! =o.o=

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After 10 minutes you should have figured that out. It was their master plan to leave you anyways. Muahahaha! >:]

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I'm pretty sure they didn't just "forget" about you.

someone would have noticed you were missing but they didn't care. good thing you weren't abducted

Who the hell hides for 30 minutes! I would've done 10 as a max. No hiding spot is THAT good.

5 & 36- exactly. 115- you'd be surprised. I have some stupid friends.

At least you can use this as example of how committed you are to something. put it on your CV

"I once hid in Ikea for so long my friends forgot about me" "congratulations mr bush, you are now hired as president"

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Nah, Bush never had any friends.

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Rolling on the floor laughing so hard my super furry octopus inhabited the motherfucking toilet? :D

Rolling on the floor laughing so hard my sombrero falls off I drop my taco

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Rolling on the floor laughing ******** hysterically my small feces on international diplomacy monitoring Talibans.

Rolling On The Floor Laughing So Hard My Sister Falls Onto Insane Discusting Man Tragedy

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IKEA is the size of a mall O.o how long would it take to find everyone