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Today, my son had to call me from his school's principal's office because he was disrupting his health class by laughing whenever the teacher said "sex". My son is 16. FML
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Teacher - "So class let's learn at safe sex beca..." OP - "HAHAHAHAHH he said sex!" Teacher - "I don't see how saying the word sex....." OP - "crying"

haha that's like a kid in my class:) then we play penis:) and he can't stop laughing://////


haha that's like a kid in my class:) then we play penis:) and he can't stop laughing://////

haha I love the penis game!!!

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I love penis

What's the penis game?

^first rule of the penis game. you don't talk about the penis game

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"takes out bullhorn" PENIS!

Hahaha...penis. Oh, gosh, stop typing that word guys I'm crying... Penis.

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Remember, you can't say Happiness without saying penis !!

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To be a man you must have honor and a penis!

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You know what's even funnier than the word penis? The word wiener :)

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88 - Boner.

playing penis sounds fun

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Shin chan <3

It's not that bad, it's when the kid is 22 and still laughing when you need to worry

Yeah, 16 is still that whatever stage. Don't think you have to be much worried about stuff he's doing now, he's changing a lot in the next couple years

16 is still a little old to be laughing at that stuff. Most 15 year olds aren't even phased by those words anymore. I stopped flinching at the 'penis' and 'vagina' in 7th grade, as did most people I know.

^agree this kid obviously isn't getting laid if he's laughing like a child at the word sex. I mean really if some girl started getting hot and heavy with him he'd just burst out laughing.

Mitcha857 - this may come as a shock to you, but not all 16 year olds are A) having sex or B) ready for sex. Teenagers mature at different rates, and some people just aren't ready by that age. I know I wasn't.

I used to blush when we talked about that topic until I was 17 years old. What's wrong with having innocence? But there is a chance he's being immature. Both of my points conclude that having sex is not the right route... At all.

its most likely the mom complaining about it. she'll tell his dad and then he"ll be like "heh.. penis.." xD

I'm 25, and still laugh. Not because I'm immature, per se, but because it reminds me of when I was a kid...before all this "growing up" jazz. Lol.

Teacher - "So class let's learn at safe sex beca..." OP - "HAHAHAHAHH he said sex!" Teacher - "I don't see how saying the word sex....." OP - "crying"


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HAHAHAHAHAHA 42 said sex!!

PAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! You lot said "sex"!!

There is nothing funny about the word sex! HAHAHA I can't type sex without laughing!!

HAHAHAHA 42 sex is funnier because you probably don't get none!

77- HAHAHAHAHAHAH You said sex and don't get none !!!! Lol

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I'VE NEVER HAD SEX AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAahHaHahahaaah....... -starts crying-

I feel worse for the son being "that kid" in the class. Maybe he's just a late bloomer...

At least OP knows he's not having sex (most likely)

Teacher - "So let's learn about safe sex beca...." Son - "HAHAHAHAHH he said sex!!!" Teacher - "I don't see how saying the word sex is..." Son - *crying*

Moderators, here's a double post. Remove please?

If he thinks sex is a laughing matter now I wouldnt want to see him in 6 years time...

When he'll be 22, and probably more mature.. Your comment made no sense

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You must be so proud

At least he's not a little man whore

Laughing at sex is better than being a man whore

My point exactly (:

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I disagree. As a man whore myself, I have found that the very best sex IS in fact a laughing matter. If the mere thought of sex makes her giddy than I have done my job right.

24 - Can't tell if being funny or just being an asshole *Futurama Fry meme*

TheDrifter 23

I generally try for funny, but what do I know, I'm just an asshole.

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I thought it was funny 24... But I guess that's just me considering you're negative thumbs :/

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Well, you know he isn't getting girls pregnant or catching STDs. If he can't hear the word, he's probably not actually doing it. Maybe a few discussions on the subject at home before he was 16 would have prevented this?

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Just because you're immature in class, doesn't mean you aren't sexually active.

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This boy in my class laughs when someone says number 2. At least he's not the immature.