My ex

By Anonymous - 14/09/2013 20:09 - United States - North Kingstown

Today, my psycho girlfriend tried to blackmail me into giving her money, threatening to show everyone the nude pictures I'd recently sent her. Except the pictures on her phone that she threatened me with weren't even of me. Nice to know I'm also being cheated on. FML
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Aaaaaand the comment we've been looking for!

\ 28

"Psycho Bitch" by Tech N9ne... now I understand why he wrote that song...

#11 well this time it's actually warranted.

Seriously fyl this is going to find horrible but I'm happy its not me

Woooaaahhh OP, cheating and threatening you for money!??? I'm kind of disappointed this post didn't start with "my EX girlfriend" ...

50- Don't worry, I'm pretty sure OP is sane enough to have dumped her.

This is an FML where DUMP HER/HIM comments are acceptable.

tjv3 10

OP please tell me that she is your now ex

This fml sounds strikingly similar to the one about the gf going to the wrong apartment......just sayin

11 - Are you trying to tell us that OP should stay with his psycho cheating girlfriend?

ColonelCusswords 24

#11 ive always wanted a better remark than "**** that bitch" cuz it sounds like im saying to have sexual intercourse with the bitch in question. Thank you, so much for "Ditch that bitch" you have improved my life a long way just by blessing me with this

Sorry to hear that, OP. You deserve better.

MichellinMan 20

It's not even necessary to say "dump her"

hcollins1 18

Just go ahead and tell her to show them to show how she just ****** up.

Still though even if its not him ppl will still think its him. Thats why sexting is so stupid.

jw90 18

You mean psycho ex-girlfriend right?

She gave you a nice easy out. Let the door hit her on the way out. In fact slam it so she flys.

soupermeal 10

These ex-girlfriend comments are getting just a tad stale

That sucks. Cut that bitch out of your life, you deserve better.

10nachoman10 24

Get your own back on her if she sent you some nudes? Best to get away from a cheat as soon as you can bro!

I don't think spreading nudes is ever acceptable, even with the shit OP's girlfriend did. In a situation like this it's better to be the adult and take the high road.

austinsonic 6

Give her monopoly money it aint the only thing fake

Little4Bear 10

If you know she's psycho, why are you still with her? I hope you broke it up after that.

Guys stay with psychos because they are amazing in bed. It's all gravy until they became the mother of your kids. :P

According to the teachings of Barnet Stinson, it's because they're hot.