By Anonymous - United States - Granger
Today, I got together a surprise party for my mom's birthday. I invited all her friends and her douchebag boyfriend who I don't get along with. When my mom got home, he took credit and got her friends to back him up with bribing. My mom said I'm selfish and horrible for not trying for her. FML
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  PencilTips  |  19

I can't believe her mom did that... why would you not believe your daughter before others? If her daughter went through all of this for her mother, I would assume she was a good kid. I'm seriously puzzled right now...

  Arestian  |  14

well here is the thing, she is against her boyfriend and her friends, yes that's her daughter but people tend to believe a group of people more than just one person in this case quality lost over quantity

By  ihartmytdi  |  23

Your heart is in the right place, and that's all that counts. Be humble & continue doing your best, regardless of receiving recognition or not. Eventually you will be rewarded as you should be; karma catches up with everyone.


Karma is something you choose to believe in, like a God. So you'll understand why I don't believe in it. However, I do believe in "making" my own karma, if you know what I mean.

  Sparx1_1  |  16

That's a nice sentiment but it's been my experience that it just doesn't happen that way. There's a really good chance that the boyfriend made it look like he did plan everything and that OP was just following orders. There's an even better chance that the friends are just tolerating the boyfriend out of friendship for the mom and will not rock the boat.

OP needs to give mom some time to cool off then sit her down and tell her the truth - then be prepared to not speak to mom for a good long time. Either that or let boyfriend keep treating OP like crap.

By  HeadlessSparrow  |  20

There has to be some kind of proof that you set up the surprise party! like maybe any receipts that you have for any supplies/cake/food that you bought, or any text messages that you sent out, if any!