By Anonymous - United States - Johnston
Today, after a busy afternoon taking care of the kids, I was feeling really down about only being a mom these days, and I was hoping my husband would make me feel better when he got off work. In the middle of cuddling, he called me "mom." FML
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  lukep135  |  6

Not at all. I just think this isn't an FML I mean she's depressed so what. I've rolled my ankle for the 3rd time in a week, however I wouldn't even consider that an FML just life

By  Ainarr  |  29

Only being a mom? You've got a child (or children) that love you, a husband who cares, and you're feeling down about it? Some people don't have families.
You're also a wife, and a friend to lots of people! (:

  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

She's not necessarily feeling down about being a mom. It's more the fact that being a mom is ALL she is. Everyone needs a little me time. I meant have you ever spent hours taking care of kids? I'm not saying kids are bad or anything, I actually love being around them. But after hours of taking care of them, you need time to be someone other than mom or the babysitter or whatever position you're in while taking care of the kids. I babysat my 3 of my cousins all under the age of 7 for 8 hours yesterday, and by the end I was ready to go and be anywhere else but with them. I don't think she loves them any less, she just needs an opportunity to Not be mom for a few minutes.

  99megster  |  15

28- so, in other words, she needs a girls night out! Or a date night with the husband. Maybe OP could get a babysitter for a night and go out to have some fun!