By Anonymous - 14/01/2013 10:06 - Australia - Sydney

Today, my mum excitedly discussed with me the prospect of starting a mother-son YouTube duo. Thinking she was joking, I went along with it. She is now installing a 24-hour webcam in the house to record our conversations, which she perceives as hilarious, and is going to upload them. FML
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I'll be sure to watch, I'm looking forward to it OP!


I'll be sure to watch, I'm looking forward to it OP!

Misswildsides 22

Op, if she doesn't commit to this, great. If she does, run like hell.

I don't know, if she commits and it becomes viral it could be great and embarrassing.

Misswildsides 22

Well, depending on the mom's sense of humor, and/or topic of conversation, it could be hilarious, or the most cheesiest thing ever.

If she commits to it, I suggest he cease talking to her inside the house. Instead he should text her everything, and she's bound to stop... Unless she posts their texts as well. D:

#86 It's amazing how you were able to come up with that fantastic and no doubt original idea 8 hours after I did.

I think this is just a very clever way of Mum getting the nest cleared of her too old to be still at home kids. How old are you OP?

minorcrisis 8

Just hope she is not going to/ already has a hidden secret camera in your room. That wouldn't be so 'hilarious'.

But you'd be Internet famous! That's almost as good as being famous!

lorraineald 7

********** and look the camers in the eye.

zombieslayer83 19

Bye bye to your "happy time"!

Sir, you're profile picture literally goes hand in hand with this comment. Jolly good!

duckie227 22

Unless she put cameras in the bathroom, he can still 'enjoy' a shower

No, more "happy time" means more viewers!

Forget that. I'd go pantsless even if I had company, let alone a few creepy people watching me on the internet. Nobody should ever feel forced to wear pants in their own home. If people don't like, don't look.

#50 i agree mate, happy time regardless cameras, give em a show lol

That's what she TOLD you, but I imagine she really wants to make sure you're not jerkin' it at the computer. Coming home to a crusty desktop would probably push me to do the same.

Just wait until the bathroom scenes...

The first thing that popped into my head when I read this FML was, "Previously on Big Brother."

Same thoughts but I was thinking about "previously on big mother".

Big mother?? I don't think that's a show. :3

jmcgee17 20

Damn dude, this gives a whole different meaning to, "somebody is watching"

This is pretty much the meaning of 'someone is watching'..

Mister_Triangle 21

Yeah, it's the exact same meaning it's been for a thousand years.

shan88 14

Please send us the link when she sets it up!!! Oh I truly do feel for you though. Say goodbye to fapping