By Anonymous - Australia - Sydney
Today, my mum excitedly discussed with me the prospect of starting a mother-son YouTube duo. Thinking she was joking, I went along with it. She is now installing a 24-hour webcam in the house to record our conversations, which she perceives as hilarious, and is going to upload them. FML
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  TwinChapter  |  15

If she commits to it, I suggest he cease talking to her inside the house. Instead he should text her everything, and she's bound to stop... Unless she posts their texts as well. D:

  Axipiter  |  24

Forget that. I'd go pantsless even if I had company, let alone a few creepy people watching me on the internet. Nobody should ever feel forced to wear pants in their own home. If people don't like, don't look.

By  ManInTheMachine  |  19

That's what she TOLD you, but I imagine she really wants to make sure you're not jerkin' it at the computer.

Coming home to a crusty desktop would probably push me to do the same.