By Grindwhore - 17/09/2012 10:46 - Canada - Nanaimo

Today, I got fired for saving my company upwards of $6,000. I'm as confused as you are. FML
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Grindwhore tells us more.

They have yet to give me a reason why, I'm still confused as hell.

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The only way I could understand you getting fired was if your manager wanted to run his company into the ground and you saving money ruined his master plan


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Does it have something to do with the name you put? Or is that a term in Canada Americans have never heard of

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I'm pretty sure it's supposed to symbolize his oppression in being forced into "the grind"

Reminds me of the construction companies that cheat sometimes while working for my dad. They were leading power lines to a building. They used 500MCM copper leader cable instead of 600 that was instructed. The whole leadering job was $50k copper and all. The guy was caught cheating and had to re-do it with 600. So op could be the good or bad guy. He could be trying to save his copany money by cheating. Or he can be the one keeping an expensive problem from happening.

Let me finish up this FML. "I was fired for saving my company $6,000 by no longer using my business credit card to fund my weed and stripper addiction". Those of you in the work force know OP got a reason for being fired and doesn't want to say. Even those who say right to work and fired for any reason blah blah is BS. You can be fired for any reason or without, but when you go to get unemployment they MUST give a reason to why you were fired for qualification purposes.

You just said he got fired for a reason he doesn't want I say and after said that you could be fired for a reason or without one...

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I think he means that you could be fired with or without right to work

Maybe OP got fired for sleeping with their bosses spouse ...?

120 but what does that have to do with money? Did u read the fml??

65- I see you are a fellow electrician. Btw 500's suck.

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Sigh..another waste of a top comment

They have yet to give me a reason why, I'm still confused as hell.

Sue them. It's illegal to fire an employee without a valid reason. At least call human resources.

Unfortunately it's not illegal for some companies to fire you for any reason (or no reason). It's called "at-will" employment, and if OPs company is one, there is nothing he can do.

This is untrue. A company may lay you off at any time under At Will employment you will still be able to collect unemployment. They cannot fire you for no reason. Being fired means you do not qualify for unemployment same as your quitting as no longer having a job is directly your fault. If a company tries to challenge paying your unemployment and they can't prove the firing was justifiable then they will lose and you will be entitled to unemployment benefits. At least that is the way it is in the state of Oregon I would presume it is the same elsewhere as that is the whole reason for At Will employment laws. They protect the employer from having to keep an employee they don't like but protect the employee from being unfairly let go.

Grindcore and real screamo and stuff are pretty great

I'd suggest suing, but that may be a bit dumb. Also that was 4 years ago

"So you'll drop all our utility expenses if I sleep with you... Deal!"

Just like the baby who doesn't want 50% more cash

Just because u gave it back doesn't make it right

You might be correct about them not caring about the money Last financial year I made the company I was working for $260,000... Which is the most profit anyone has ever made for the company, and it was waayyy more than the manager made. Beginning of this financial year he got rid of me, BASTARD ! !

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41- I heard that the baby doesn't want 50% more cash.

Maybe there's another guy there that's going to save the company $6001 so they like him better.

HeyArnold91 8

The only way I could understand you getting fired was if your manager wanted to run his company into the ground and you saving money ruined his master plan

Or that money was going to line his pockets

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Or the manager is an incompetent douche and this skilled employee would have expose that.

I got fired at the start of the year because my sales were higher than everyone else's. No other reason!

Maybe OP found a way to do their job that was so efficient that while saving the company time and money, they also eliminated their own position.

It's probably because the manager felt threatened by this skilled employee. I'm pretty sure OP can sue for unfair dismissal though. He/She should definitely look into that.

It is possible that OP "saved money" by doing something like using cheaper but inferior parts or using something that wasn't quite up to spec. If his boss said "use product X" but he used "product Y" instead, he deserved to be fired.

Next time, Just do what they want you to do

But the confusion lies in thinking that OP's company wanted to make money, but apparently that's not the case...

Dont worry mate. They'll be missing you and anyways, you can get a better job!

Yeah, you should bring this up at any future interviews. Might go down well.

Your comments have been nothing short of calamities.

xSunnyOlivia 17

I don't think your sarcasm really applies here because they're reading it not listening to someone say it, so maybe they couldn't tell? I don't know.

My mistake I guess for being sarcastic on an app where everyone is so serious.

Uh. Am I the only one who doesn't get it? Or ...? I just don't understand your sarcasm! Lol.

eternal7 6

Your sarcasm contained no sarcasm.

Paco, if you want your jokes to be understood or even funny at all, it has to be relevant and easily connected to the original happening or quote. The connection between the FML and "Save money to make money" is in not easily apparent. It's not even sarcastic. Read a dictionary sometime.

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I think taco is right. You do have to spend money to make money.

80 - that is a well known fact. IT JUST DOES NOT APPLY HERE!

Paco_el_Toco, I LOVE your picture!!!!!!!!!

Maybe your employer felt threatened by your impressive skills.

Or his manager is afraid there's someone outsmarts him and may take his place

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Usually, it's the manager who feels threatened by a "up-&-coming" employee beneath him ... & it's no surprise who gets fired.

7, I just have to point out that on your profile where you say you don't accept spelling mistakes, you have a spelling mistake. :)

Bad news: every English, French, and German dictionary in the world disagrees with you.

67, you put "It's got smileys in it" that would mean "It is got smileys in it" though:) just take out the apostrophe:')

Type tonne into the FML app. It says it's not a word.

84 - Tonne is a measurement of weight. Even young children know that. You know it's funny that English isn't even my first language. Next time, I won't be so quick to doubt my capabilities when it comes to the English language.

Tonne is the way you spell a metric ton it is however pronounced the same there for when speaking ppl must say metric tonne and it is 200lbs ish more then a standard ton

Maybe you had a chance that you didn't take to save it a lot more money.

Is this a good reason to file a complaint?

Could you have perhaps compromised something else important in a bid to save money?