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By  lukep135  |  6

Does it have something to do with the name you put? Or is that a term in Canada Americans have never heard of

  _Oblivion_  |  12

Reminds me of the construction companies that cheat sometimes while working for my dad. They were leading power lines to a building. They used 500MCM copper leader cable instead of 600 that was instructed. The whole leadering job was $50k copper and all. The guy was caught cheating and had to re-do it with 600. So op could be the good or bad guy. He could be trying to save his copany money by cheating. Or he can be the one keeping an expensive problem from happening.


Let me finish up this FML. "I was fired for saving my company $6,000 by no longer using my business credit card to fund my weed and stripper addiction". Those of you in the work force know OP got a reason for being fired and doesn't want to say. Even those who say right to work and fired for any reason blah blah is BS. You can be fired for any reason or without, but when you go to get unemployment they MUST give a reason to why you were fired for qualification purposes.

  erinlee0103  |  13

Unfortunately it's not illegal for some companies to fire you for any reason (or no reason). It's called "at-will" employment, and if OPs company is one, there is nothing he can do.

  JackFaire  |  27

This is untrue. A company may lay you off at any time under At Will employment you will still be able to collect unemployment. They cannot fire you for no reason. Being fired means you do not qualify for unemployment same as your quitting as no longer having a job is directly your fault. If a company tries to challenge paying your unemployment and they can't prove the firing was justifiable then they will lose and you will be entitled to unemployment benefits.

At least that is the way it is in the state of Oregon I would presume it is the same elsewhere as that is the whole reason for At Will employment laws. They protect the employer from having to keep an employee they don't like but protect the employee from being unfairly let go.

  rbubbles  |  20

You might be correct about them not caring about the money
Last financial year I made the company I was working for $260,000... Which is the most profit anyone has ever made for the company, and it was waayyy more than the manager made. Beginning of this financial year he got rid of me, BASTARD ! !

  metalwolf  |  17

It is possible that OP "saved money" by doing something like using cheaper but inferior parts or using something that wasn't quite up to spec. If his boss said "use product X" but he used "product Y" instead, he deserved to be fired.


Paco, if you want your jokes to be understood or even funny at all, it has to be relevant and easily connected to the original happening or quote. The connection between the FML and "Save money to make money" is in not easily apparent. It's not even sarcastic.

Read a dictionary sometime.

  trqskq  |  14

84 - Tonne is a measurement of weight. Even young children know that.

You know it's funny that English isn't even my first language. Next time, I won't be so quick to doubt my capabilities when it comes to the English language.

  horneyhic  |  15

Tonne is the way you spell a metric ton it is however pronounced the same there for when speaking ppl must say metric tonne and it is 200lbs ish more then a standard ton