By Anonymous - 23/10/2011 20:35 - Netherlands

Today, I told my boyfriend I wouldn't be able to get any time off work to go to Mexico with him, and that we'd have to get our tickets refunded, and reschedule. He said not to bother, and that he already had someone else in mind to take with him. FML
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hope you told him you had someone else in mind to be your boyfriend


he would.. always need a back up plan!

it was probly just his mom, we don't know his side of the story

Actually, he brought two guests: right hand and left hand. *forever alone face*

Might be taking a friend. You never know

how dare he have fun with anyone else what a douche

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I never asked... But deep down I had always wondered

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Camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente....

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Considering the fact that the OP didn't already ask for those days off before purchasing the tickets, I would've had a back-up plan too. Those tickets probably weren't cheap, and if you don't want them to cost even more you have to go the non-refundable route. Yea it sucks that he's going with someone else, but it doesn't automatically mean he's taking some other girl. Now if he is, then yea he's a douche.

I think the key detail is that the trip was planned before OP found out about vacation time. There are two plausible explanations: 1) this was the boyfriend's trip which he planned and paid for, and THEN invited the OP. If this is the case, it's his trip and his right to take a friend instead. Or 2) OP and her boyfriend planned this trip together, and OP agreed to book the trip before she asked about vacation time, which is not a smart move. Either way, I vote YDI.

hope you told him you had someone else in mind to be your boyfriend

She should have said, "Hope you get raped and killed in Mexico, honey."

You're right, she should dump him. If the person he's bringing is a guy, then he's gay, but if it's a girl then he's cheating

I didn't know that when your in a relationship that you can't have friends but I guess I was wrong-clearly she must dump him then.

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Yep first disagreement. They should break up. No wonder there are so many divorces. People actually think they deserve to be happy all the time, and an opposite in a relationship should never disappoint. :/ get your shit straight. Not bringin you to Mexico isn't the end o the world. Unless it's with another girl. In which case he's an asshole and you should still talk about it first.

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Maybe he's going to take a family member instead?

Maybe its the fact he was going to take his girlfriend and when she said she couldn't go, he already had someone else in mind? If my girl couldn't go, I'd reschedule. Not be an asshat and take someone else.

Mexico isn't worth it anyway, in my mind.

It's totally worth it. Have you been there?

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a family of cheese from switzerland did. they didn't like it too much.

Well given that my country has, according to a lot of list( even a UN list) a lot of the best beaches in the world i think it's worth it, and i'm just ignoring the fact that we have one of the ritchest cultures in the world, one of the biggest cities in the world with museums that rival yours( our anthropology museum is ranked higher than NY's) , real mexican food is ranked as the second best food in the world and the fact that the legal age drinking age is 18. No you're right it isn't worth it... Because according to people like you, mexico is a drug-filled desert.

Ohh and i forgot to say that the piramids north of mexico city are bigger than the giza piramids in egipt.

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Well mexicans do talk alot of s***, i say let the man be, and take a joke for once,yall do it everyday.ha

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Don't ruin my trip to Mexico next month by saying shit like that >.

It looks like you don't have a mind #4, that is why you think so. Mexico is a must see & do, whatever the reason.

dude you made Mexico sound radtacular hmm let me try with where I'm from ummm we have one of the highest deer populations in the united states there's never traffic um low crime rate yeah Mexico sounds waaaaayyy better (serious)

Tona01, correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't Mexico City have the highest kidnapping rate in the world? Something on the range of 1 person/60 minutes or so?

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I'm Mexican and I wouldn't even go there with all the shit going on over there

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I officially ask Sirin to lock this thread before any more ignorant and close-minded comments arise...

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You're not missing out on much :) He sounds like a douche and I didn't have much to do in Mexico while on vacation there.

Well north mexico is a little boring, with the exception of puerto vallarta, monterrey, los cabos and the wine lands. The south and central mexico are a lot better

In my opinion mexico city is the most interesting city in mexico.

nationalism is cool and all, but goddamn

Well people in the US hate as well when people talk shit about their country, so do i. I hate how the world media portraits mexico. They portrait it as hell on earth, where water is dirty, the government is runned by "narcoterrorists". Some US officials even say that the mexican cartels have businnes with al qaeda, which isn't true. They blame mexico for the drug problem when our government is trying to kill what the drug market in the US created. They also make people believe that the mexican cartels are to blame on everything, even though very strong organizations in the US are the ones that sell it there. So i hope you understand why mexicans get angry when we hear or read that stuff.

Agreed, Mexico isn't that bad. It's actually a very beautiful place, but you just have to go to the right place. Just like any other country.

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Who else hates black..... Pie. Haha I got you didn't it

Tons, I agree to the max. I've been to Mexico half a dozen times, which isn't much, but each time I've been I've experienced so much beauty and culture. I drink the water fine, and have never gotten sick.

seriously! the culture s really cool ugh and the old architecture is beautiful !

Hey it's great to see people that Like mexico, i remember when i would get asked on a daily basis if i had a donley instead of a car, ehile i was living abroad hahahaha

*Donkey *while I need to proof read, don't i?

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Well, it is Mexico. Really though ... Take your next vaca without him. I think separate vacations can be useful, especially since your man sounds like a chode nozzle.

What a jerk! He's not worth your time, find someone who can treat you right !

He could mean his mom? She could of taken it wrong...

You can always drink dirty water from the comfort of your own living room. Thats what I always like to do.

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Well when he's gone with somebody else, you can take the opportunity to find someone that's actually worth your time.

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Have his stuff out on the curb when he gets back :) and then call him a cab so he can vacation in a tropical apartment by himself.