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Today, at my wedding reception, I jokingly asked my aunt, who has always been convinced that I am gay despite my protests, if she believed me now. She took this the wrong way and drunkenly went around telling my guests that my wedding was a sham to convince her I was straight. FML
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  amazinggbaby  |  2

Well since she's family and she and OP didn't seem to be on bad terms until the wedding, she would have probably been offended if she wasn't invited. She probably did believe he was straight until she got drunk and took his joke seriously.

By  amerwin  |  3

She needs to be put in her place. Plant one of your big floppy dildos in her purse, and then run around shaking it in front of everyone saying, "hey look, auntie can fit 12 inches! That's 3 more than me!"

By  mintcar  |  9

Ugh, drunk people.
Why would you go to a wedding and get completely intoxicated? It makes you look incredibly foolish.

I'm sorry your aunt acted the way she did.