By Anonymous - Canada - Toronto

Front line workers

Today, my partner and I got called out to a domestic disturbance. Things turned ugly while we were en-route. Long story short, I now know how many grown men it takes to lift a nearly 400lb shit-covered woman onto a stretcher. I almost reconsidered my choice of career. FML
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  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Ya, this needs a follow up more than any other fml I've ever read! You said it was a domestic disturbance, doesn't that usually mean fighting? Did her husband throw the crap at her? So many questions. I hope op follows up soon!

  MrsPegg  |  45

I have made a few guesses to what may have happened. At 400 pounds, moving is difficult and tiring. The domestic dispute escalated and the woman may have been unable to move away from her partner and out of fear, crapped herself. . . Or maybe she is bedridden and has been crapping herself for a while now and the dispute started because she was mad at her partner for not cleaning her or doing something she wanted and just got extremely violent from there. So many possibilities!