Remember planking?

By say dump him and i'll kill you - 29/12/2012 00:50 - United Kingdom - Soham

Today, proving that there's no limit to the stupid shit people will do, my husband called me from hospital, needing a lift home. He tried planking on top of his car while his buddies sped it down a hill, and I now have to take care of him while his broken leg heals. FML
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Dump him. Come at me OP!

Lol at your username OP. Youve anticipated a common response from the FML community. Well done.


FlamingTacos 7

He should learn about car surfing. It's pretty much surfing on top of a car. It's very dangerous, but I think he might be up for it.

skyenoelle 15

Yeah, just as soon as his broken leg heals. And with enough unintelligible people round up, maybe this will become an Olympic sport in the next decade or so.

Not to be a bitch, but unintelligible means incomprehensible. Not in the context that you someone is not intelligent. I hope that makes sense and clarifies it for you. :)

Unintelligible?? Don't you mean unintelligent?? Unintelligent= stupid Unintelligible= poorly articulated or drowned by noise!

The way it reads actually makes sense in a weird way. round up a bunch of people who's behavior nobody can comprehend and have them compete for our entertainment.

25- you are on fml so correcting a word that does no belong there does not make you a bitch at all. You would be a bitch if you corrected and obvious typo when they clearly knew what should have gone there, and then calling them names for it.

car surfing is just as stupid, I went to high school with some kid who died from it car surfing, it's really dangerous if not more.

skyenoelle 15

#25, I really wasn't saying to gather up a bunch of stupid people, but actually more of what #43 was saying in a way. To me, I meant people that I can't understand, for doing crazy and reckless things, and get them together for our entertainment. I can see how that sounds a little awkward now. I've used that word to describe odd people and things I don't understand before, so I used it in this case. I wasn't calling her husband stupid at all. Thanks for pointing that out though, I never even realized people might have been thinking I was saying something else.

Twisted_Angel 17

smh, boys never grow up...

I'm actually hoping they were drunk, but the FML would say something about it.

lexxiii 17

Better a broken leg than broken balls.

That actually is humanly possible. When a mans testes break, the sack rips and there is intense pain. There is also an inability to have sex, as well as difficulty urinating. Not to mention a high risk of staph infection.

Better a broken leg than dying.

Better broken balls than broken brain

Broken balls would be much better for the world.

Dump him. Come at me OP!


Hide yo'self cus she's killin' everbody out there who says that.

Still trying to find a coherent, eloquent thought or meaning in LightningCactuses response...

89. Yeah.. that comment is confusing?

mih pmuD--> Dump him

That was the first thing that came into my head when I read the OP's username, word for word. Kudos, 4.

katydid95 5

You must be so proud.

Lol at your username OP. Youve anticipated a common response from the FML community. Well done.

X_Codes 11

If this event were indicative of a larger pattern, then it would also happen to be the correct answer, IMO. Planking. On a moving vehicle. Speeding downhill. It's like an epic shitstorm of stupid fail.

Krajjan 9

Agreed. There's a point where love and bank accounts can no longer overcome stupidity and hospital bills. Two more stupid strikes, separate from him. Ha, no d-word.

Okay, since I'm buried, I feel as though I should clarify. I'm not one of the brain neutral twats that abide by the "Yolo" philosophy, it was simply a joke. I feel the need to clarify because I shan't let my name be sullied as a swagfag.

No no no, the whole FML community, see, we're cats, so YOLNT. Get it right.

kittykat1501 31

I can concur with this. we are definitely cats.

What the Hell is this world coming to when a man can't even be a daredevil without his wife submitting his actions as an FML? What if Evel Kneivel's wife had done that to him and it caused him to cease being a daredevil and he became a bookkeeper or something? We would have had to watch him throw a ledger over the Snake River Canyon.

Exactly and essentially surviving our stupidity Is basically what life is all about.


Well, that and reproduction but its kind of hard creating life when you're busy dodging cars while you're surfing.

You know, because **** Physics.

Will some people ever realize that car surfing is just not that fun? Have him try the ocean next time.

Some of us are from the Midwest where the tide is always out.

Poor thing. But I was talking about OP's husband.

Don't worry. According to Al Gore, with the temperature rising as fast as it is, the polar ice packs will be melting soon and the rising oceans will bring the coast to you. Surf's up in Kansas in 2050!