By JacktheRussian - 08/04/2013 00:33 - United States

Today, I saw a very attractive young woman struggling with some boxes. The seduction attempt resulted in me carrying 60lbs of items for 30mins. When we got to her apartment, she thanked me and introduced me to her boyfriend. FML
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What were you expecting that she was going to let you ravish her or something? Being nice to someone does not mean that they owe you anything in the romantic department.


And people say it doesn't hurt to try... Sucks for you though, OP xD

You shouldn't walk into a good deed expecting a reward.

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"Oh hey, you just carried some boxes for me. Now let's go ****!" OP is stupid. Did he honestly think he'd get some action for carrying boxes? .-.

#44 Maybe he just saw it as an opportunity to get to know her and ask her out?

51- If that were the case, OP should use a word other than "seduction", which implies he only cares about getting into her pants.

You're right about that.. Just realised after I posted my comment. :P

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#2, why did he give up so easily? He could have angled for a three-way. I know it's not the kind most guys fantasize about, but when you have a shot with a "very attractive young woman," you take the good with the bad (and then hope the bad doesn't make a cameo in Uranus.)

I don't know. A glass of water can escalate to sex. Please don't tell me anyone forgot of that FML.

**** logic is real, but clever ladies override that.

The good news is that you did a good deed anyway, even though your intentions were not all in the right places, you should have thought that you could have been disappointed though to lessen the expectations and the shock :) My thinking is: "if he/she is pretty, it is possible that the person may have a partner"

so I'd they aren't pretty, it's not possible they have a partner? strange thinking

I'm still wondering why the **** her boyfriend wasn't helping her?

A true Russian would not complain about carrying heavy boxes. Or let a boyfriend get in his way.

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A true Russian would have been russian to the point and not stalin by helping carry the boxes.

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A true Russian would whine and complain before, during and after the whole process. Where's the vodka? Don't you have any beef Stroganoff? Why is it so hot? How come no sexy time? Where's the vodka? How can you not have vodka?

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#10, he'd be Lenin a hand and Trotsky over to her place Putin one box here, Andropov the other over there.

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#86, thank you. I'm sorry the inspiration didn't hit me sooner -- I think this comment could have gotten high Marx!

What were you expecting that she was going to let you ravish her or something? Being nice to someone does not mean that they owe you anything in the romantic department.

Maybe he meant it as an introduction/ice breaker so he could ask her to hang out later.

Just because she was struggling with boxes doesn't mean she was trying to seduce you...

I think OP is talking about his own attempt to seduce her and not the other way around :)

I think the first commenter hit it on the head. You should be thinking you did something nice, not be trying to get in her pants.

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Yes, we all like things to justify our efforts, but I do virtually the opposite. I literally *tell* people not to give me anything if I do something for them.

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#31, if that truly is the case, then why are so many men fat, lazy, and/or rude?

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For the same reason that many women are fat, lazy, and rude: because that's just how some people choose to live. That's definitely not a male trait.

Why did you assume you would get some by helping her carry boxes? That's just disgusting. Just do it out of kindness next time. You'll get a lot farther with girls if you don't just think of them for sex.

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Hot women — making us do things for them under our free will.

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What is this free will you're talking about?

Wait, why wasn't the boyfriend helping carry the boxes? And how is a woman struggling to cary boxes a seduction attempt? Unless i am totally missing something here....

OP is talking about -his- seduction attempt :)

I was wondering the same thing about the boy friend. Why was he leaving the heavy boxes for his girlfriend to carry and not helping, that seems a little weird. If I couldn't carry the boxes I'd give my boyfriend a call to help me out. Also I don't think it's a very useful seduction technique to carry boxes for a lady, more like a good deed...

maybe just maybe, the boyfriend was incapable of helping for some reason. men are capable of hurting themselves contrary to their ego, and belief, they can't do everything. maybe he has an injury that prevented him from helping. or possibly he's just an ass... there's just no way to know right now. although i do agree with previous comments, he shouldn't have went into this expecting a reward for his good deed, but giving the op the benefit of the doubt here, his expectation may not have been sex and could've been just a date, though unlikely. but at the same time, people find their partners many different ways and this is just another one of those ways. it does sound like it came directly from watching way to many shitty pornos but still you have to try somehow unless you want to spend your entire life alone...