By SebastianMiko - 09/11/2012 07:18 - Canada - Calgary

Today, on my job as a police officer, I received a typical domestic disturbance call. Not so typical was the address. Guess my wife's affair went terribly wrong while I was on shift. FML
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Well at least you can arrest that bastard who was sleeping with your wife… or your wife

I bet that called up a lot of emotions at once.. FYL OP


I bet that called up a lot of emotions at once.. FYL OP

36 That's a thread jack. 1 Police officers are trained try and remain unemtional while on the job. But you can bet all hell broke loose after work.

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40 - so ******* what. Shut the hell up and eat a dick!

Crime of passion. Shoot the both of the, claim CoP and have a cold beer knowing the cheating ***** is burning in hell. No amount of training should be enough to be able to deal with that.

Not at all, actually. It's directly related to 1's post. If anyone's the thread jacker here, it's you for trying to cry thread jacker.

Wait I new and all but what thread jacker

You do realize that it's highly unlikely that #36 was saying that #1 had good self control, right?

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You mean 36 couldn't possibly be expanding on 1's commentary of several of emotions coming into play, and stating OP has good self control? No, no, clearly you're right and the two are completely unrelated.

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Dude, that really sucks. Move on with someone else.

Oh is it now? I beg to differ. Actually the fact that he's married and being faithful and trusting is in a vow is all the more reason to get a divorce. Just because someone is bonded by some legal documents that doesn't mean they are safe from a divorce for committing adultery.

Codezlol: Nobody said he is "safe from a divorce", I think you're reading a little too much into the comment. They were just saying it's going to be more difficult than "just moving on", as there will be money, property and--inevitably--emotions involved, whereas in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, you can just say "we should see other people", get up and walk out.That's all they were saying

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41-Did you read his profile? He's OLDER than you. Also, 'unexperienced'? Are you serious?

Yeah I just failed at reading the comment correctly. My bad!

Also, 41, it's *you're not your. Way to call the kettle black, pot.

Actually, he's right. Adultery is often grounds to get a divorce. Maybe you should do a little more research before you call someone else inexperienced. ;)

Unibear 1

I never looked at it that way 11. I never wanted arguments to evolve from my comment haha

93, nobody ever said the OP doesn't have grounds for divorce, they were just simply saying they can't get up and leave and say "nice knowing you". Try re-reading maybe?

108, my comment was implied towards 41's reply to 30. 30 said that he had plenty of reason to get a divorce. 42 replied that 30 was "too young" and 'inexperienced with commitments', thus implying she thought that 30 was wrong, and that OP doesn't have grounds for divorce. My comment was perfectly reasonable.

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Well at least you can arrest that bastard who was sleeping with your wife… or your wife

Yes! Throw them both in jail! "He hit me!" "You, sir, are coming with me. Lets take a trip downtown." "Oh, thank you!" "You're coming too, ma'am." "What? Why?" "I'll think of a reason on the way."

As the little girl on the El Paso taco commercial so famously asked, "porque no los dos?"

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How many of us can go bad cop on the other guy,huh? This is chtulu opening a window, when he closes a door.

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Damn straight. Lol, they both deserve to be arrested, him for hitting her and her for cheating.

But last time I checked, cheating isn't illegal. Just stupid.

Well in florida,moms usually get custody of children but if you commit adultery the you could lose primary custody of your kids. Maybe that's true in other states too? Idk if op has kids though

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Wow, that's just wrong. At least you found out she is an ungrateful, cheating b****. Kick her out of the house, she wanted that other guy, now let her deal with the consequences.

Seriously, what a.. Cheats on husband and gets beat, I'd say that's fair, I think some police brutality wouldn't hurt in this case too ;)

Violence isn't the answer, hurting her won't make him feel better. OP is probably feeling betrayed, heartbroken, angry and embarrassed :( Besides, Karma and his wife's bad decisions biting her in the ass later will be punishment enough :D

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That's terrible. I'm really sorry. Don't take her back!

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That has to be the craziest way to find out a spouse is cheating I've heard yet..

****** up. At least you found out sooner rather than later!

How do you know it was sooner than later, unless it was you screwing his wife. Never mind. I see from your photo it most likely wasn't you.

I don't know about that one... For all we know, she could've been cheating for years and years. Once married, you kind of entered into the domain of "later".

Proof for your divorce!! She won't be able to contest it at all. Still sucks though, did your gun accidentally misfire and graze his ass!

10 - Alberta has "no fault" divorce. No one has to "prove" anything and even if she was the one causing the issues, it won't affect the division of property, custody, etc.

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Translation, OP is screwed. Alberta law entitles the lower income earner to the primary residence and alimony in the divorce, regardless of gender out wrongdoing.

Well... Let's just hope the (ex)wife makes more money then!

Disregard this. Replied to the wrong comment.

Wowowow I never knew this, 56. That is rather unfair.

As much as that sucks I hope you didn't get into an altercation. If you all got in a fight because of emotions I see a possible loss of job or lawsuit.

Since it was a domestic violence call, let's just hope the two beat the shit out of each other... Win-Win

DrFrince: Actually, it was a domestic *disturbance* call. The neighbors could just be complaining about the noise. If you know what I mean... ...Or not. 'terribly wrong' could mean a number of things. Maybe he couldn't take off the handcuffs from the headboard?