By Anonymous - 08/05/2011 19:08 - United Kingdom

Today, I realised just how grossly out of shape I am, when I started violently sweating, felt light-headed, and almost blacked out. All this from helping my sister shift a sofa from the move-in truck to her living room. FML
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"I'm gonna start going to the gym everyday... Ok maybe once a week... Or I will drive by it every day on my way to McDonalds..." hmmm this sofa looks comfy, I wonder what's on TV tonight?


Your sister should've asked someone else : )

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nobody said she was fat...

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Lmao it's funny how when someone says their out of shape, people always imagine them as a fat person XD

simply_improper 1

sounds like hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). happens to me all the time. go see a dr.

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thanks TIPS!

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no kidding

This happens to me but cause of my heart condition. I suggest working out a little bit OP.

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Ironically, 9 is fat .

overthelimit 3

9 - someone who cant even move a sofa probably cant run a whole mile if theyre that much out of shape. just saying

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Ironically, 129 is asian

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Not everyone can afford to go to the gym lol that's sad but I'd feel the same way I'm outta shape but I have a 16 month old having a kid will keep you active! But I'd stick with maybe eating right like that guy said above and you can do exercises at home make stuff up turn on the tv for the excerise channels do Pilates yoga shit like that and you'll feel better in know time Hun but you gotta stay ACTIVE

you dont have to go to the gym , pick up a sport like soccer ! :P

15-- Everytime I go running to the park, I stare enviously at the people who are playing soccer because they're getting the same exercise I am but are having A LOT of fun while doing it; me, on the other hand have to suffer while screaming "Why God, why?!" in pain when I'm running :(

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just start exercising to build endurance and stamina :)

that's really sad I mean seriously just work out or even run fatty I don't feel sorry for you unless it's some genetic disorder...

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People keep recommending P90X. Unless you're paid to advertise or have tried it yourself and saw results, please kindly STFU.

Prankster7o7 5

You don't need a gym to workout.

31--You honestly don't see an obvious solution to your problem. 71--P90X works, but so does every other workout. The key is to consistently do it.

Not really. I've been working out for nearly four years and the workout I do gets dull and less effective as my body adapts it. So, every few months, I change my workout to create muscle confusion which gives me more results. If someone was persistent with the same workout, excluding cardio, they would stop getting results as the body does tend to adapt. The key to P90X is muscle confusion which is why they say it works.

83-- Sorry, I thought you implied P90X didn't work by your comment. I agree about muscles adapting to a workout but by the time that happens, you are usually in pretty good shape. It is a good idea to change up your workouts after a few months.

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That sounds like me in the future ...

looks like someone may or may not should be interested in getting a gym membership

flighted 1

probably also lifted the couch in the wrong way

KVKdragon 26

delete the "should" and your comment will make more sense :)

I don't think this will 'work-out'

67- Seems like this couch moving isn't * puts on sunglasses * Working out YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHH

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76 lol

can anyone say cardio??

You cheesy bastard, you. He wrote "say," not write. *saying* cardio!


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car deal sounds like cardio if you say it fast

mintcar 9

I can understand sweating and being a little tired but almost blacking out? You might want to visit a doctor.

EffinToofer 3

Don't bother. The doc will tell him to lose weight, which helps with a number of problems. It seems OP has figured this out already.

boatkicker 4

Being out of shape is not the same as being fat. Lots of thin people are in very bad shape. Losing weight will help if OP is fat, but the FML doesn't say that.

agaba 0

plus he could of ben exaderating (i know my spelling sucks)

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He needs to sue McDonalds and get some cash outta this situation. xD /// O

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"I'm gonna start going to the gym everyday... Ok maybe once a week... Or I will drive by it every day on my way to McDonalds..." hmmm this sofa looks comfy, I wonder what's on TV tonight?

kayyweezyy 0

okk.ur a bitch. it's alot harder ta jus work out. If uu dnt have enough motivation.

60 I missed what your argument was?? Not being motivated is an excuse for not working out?

johnson94 5

here's a motivation - no person wants to be a fat ass.

srgsk9 9

Not being motivated isn't an excuse to be a lazy asshole. That's like saying being too lazy to get a job is justification for unemployment.

Brandnewuser 0

60- pipe down, you don't have a valid argument.

story of my life! :))

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So you would think. But then I look around and every where I look there is monstrosities stuffing there fat face with what ever they can find. it's absolutely sickening!

I don't like you.. rude

OP must weigh over 400 lbs

bfflrhea 0

outta shape dosent mean ur fatt dumbass...

FreebirdIII 1

I thought that round was a shape

are you op's sister ?? lol

17- youre a freaking biter. just stfu & go somewhere else.

boatkicker 4

Actually 17 is right. A year and a half ago I could barely walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for air and needing a break. If you ask me, that's grossly out of shape. I was 5'4 and 103lbs. That's not even remotely fat.

If you think you need to be fat to be out of shape, you're grossly mistaken.


I'm 5 foot 4 and 90 pounds I couldn't do that

BahahahLOL 0

7, after seeing your pic I checked the bottom of both my feet. That freaks the shit out of me.

but in this instance it does, i mean nearly blacking out? OP has got to be around 400lbs

maybe OP just got tired and over exaggerated the FML so that it could finally be accepted :)

boatkicker 4

Now see, to me those symptoms scream dehydration rather than out-of-shape. I'll take OP's word for it that he's out of shape, but he probably also could do with a glass of water or two.

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uur right. maybe a cuple glasses:)

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Or you can go with the goddamn flow and say he's fat......

I think that's a sign right there.

jackiemoonthepro 5

big booty bitches, I got big booty bitches :D

Lol! I barley listened to that on youtube, I loved it! :D XD