Birthday Girl

By Anonymous - 14/05/2009 17:43 - United States

Today, it's my birthday. I got just three calls all day. The first one was my fiancé, saying he wanted his ring back. The second one was my best friend, confessing to me that she had been sleeping with my fiancé for the past three months. The third was the dentist's office, to sing me a happy birthday. FML
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xyzstephzyx 0

best friend...? Yeah, right. punch her in the mouth, that *****. happy birthday!

Aetius_fml 0

At least you have a cool dentist


easylazy 0

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Sunbolt 0

the dentist? he seems like the nice one.

ChelseaXD 0

Hey atleat your dentist cares :D

OMG. FYL your bestfriend is a ***** and ur fiancees an asshole

you should throw the ring at you fiancé's head! OP you spelled 'fiancé' wrong no extra 'e'

monstaber 6

yeah he's right fiancé: man fiancée: woman

go out with the dentist to get a good lawyer to keep the ring then pawn it.

xyzstephzyx 0

best friend...? Yeah, right. punch her in the mouth, that *****. happy birthday!

sandmanbentley 0

Punch her in the mouth, then give her the number to your dentist. Call him ahead of time say hi to make it as painful as possible.

Hahahaha it's your birthday which means its your day to do whatever...(:

MikaykayUnicorn 36

She better hasn't given the ring back. Just sell it and beat up your fiancee & friend.

22cute 17

Keep the ring, OP and treat yourself to a nice birthday surprise.

Satoaoi 13

it's not all her fault yes she's a ***** and so is her now ex fiance

FBIWarning 0

i wish my dentist did that, lucky

Kimmy3214 9

Your dentist doesn't do that? My dentistry records all of their kids' birthdays and on their birthday, they post on their website, happy birthday (insert name here) and a brief little message, just to make their day, in case it wasn't going so good.

pinkducttape 0

that sucks. at least you don't have to go through a divorce and have a chance to have a wedding with a better guy. I hope you have some cake and ice cream - happy birthday heres to a better year. Oh, and don't give the ring back - go pawn it. he did give it to you so do what you want with it.

Darth_Draco 0

wait- isn't a fiancee a girl, but you're referring to her as a he...????

it can be used either way, a girl talking about her to-be husband or the other way around

fiancée refers to a girl dumbass. fiancé refers to a guy

Jeez... you don't have to be mean about it!! I swear, all of the copius levels of hate and agression in this world will lead you no where in life.

#7 has a point. Keep that ring and pawn it! it was a gift after all. Also, I'm jealous of your dentist, Happy b-lated!

kandii_kidd 0

#7 said he because op referred to her fiancee as a he

Shadow4i5 3

is spelling all that important? I would like to think that we all kno wat she means

I agree. You can sell it on It'll get you a better price than pawning it will.

Guys... It says the OP is female and the "fiancée" is a "he".

I thought you couldn't sell engagement rings because it's a conditional gift?

@lolwhat You're an idiot for having to post 'first'... I hope your comment gets moderated. As for the OP.... that definitely sucks. Keep your head up high and realize that there is someone better for you out there. Ditch the friend since she can't seem to keep her priorities straight. Also find a hot friend of your boyfriend and have a field day with him ( or a younger brother or your ex's father). Nothing like a little vengence from a woman scorned.

What a crappy best friend and ex-fiance. Sounds like the lowlifes deserve each other. Don't give the ring back if he cheated!! Sell it an go on a sweet ass vacation to celebrate your birthday! :)

bortzy93 0

sorry to hear that :( from all your friends from (that you don't really know lol); HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

thats the real canadian man rite there eh ? :)