By aliqi - 12/05/2012 20:48 - United States

Today, I noticed a little white ball in the corner of my bedroom ceiling. I guess it had been there for a while already, but the teeming mass of baby spiders crawling out made it a lot more conspicuous. FML
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janelly16 7

Reading this gives me The chills

Kill it. Kill it with fire, a massive book, a chainsaw, bleach, water, your hands (not recommended), a sword, juice, liquid nitrogen, grenades, a minigun and possibly a thumb tack. Last option: burn house down.


janelly16 7

Reading this gives me The chills

Kill them all while theyre still weak!!! ;-)

You have a great rack

b0ngs 7

14- judging by your can see you are truly forcer alone

GoingToBeAPilot1 6


thejewishfuhrer 17

14 said it. But every one else is thinking it.

b0ngs 7

25- thank you. Didnt notice that till now:$

14- A little lacking in tact? 2- You have a great smile. :) (Not hitting on you. Married. Just wanted to say something nice to counter balance you getting objectified as only a set of boobs.) :p

Greendaycheese 12

Or you could take a decent picture.

FMLshark 12

It is said that people eat 8 spiders in their lifetime in their sleep. With those baby spiders in your room, OP.. You'll be the exception of eating a good 300 in yours. That bad taste of "morning breath" in your mouth the next day? Hmmm.

Don't kill them. If you can, just relocate. Spiders eat mosquitoes and other insects that transmit disease. Spiders are good, and most are harmless.

44- That's only an urban legend. This widespread myth has no basis in fact.

44's urban legend may become a reality with all those spiders in one area

49 - Spiders like warm, dark, moist places. People often sleep with their mouth open. Though in honesty, 8 is actually far lower than the actual number.

There's literally NO way of knowing an average amount in this circumstance without insanely thorough and long-winded testing across a large population of average people. Not only would no one consent to this in their daily lives - to be watched in their sleep by cameras in their own home in the control environment - but no one ever has, and will more than likely never will. So no, all of this is legend and opinion based on the less-than-solid speculation. Good day sirs.

FMLshark 12

I know, 49. But I figured it was the perfect time to bring up that urban legend. Never said it was facts.

Methinks the vacuum cleaner is a blessing in your case!

44-That myth actually has been going disproved because it has no basis. How are you going to know how many spiders people supposedly eat if you don't watch people sleep? But, on the other hand this myth may become fact with OP's situation.

siickman 7

It may be not be a fact but how do you know you dont eat spiders in your sleep..... Okay so we dont know the average in ones life time but we do know for a fact insects can and may enter your body while in the state of knocked the **** out mode.

TheBonzaiGirl 0


If its possible then it's not really an urban legend. It's just that we don't have "data" to support this. And I do know people who ate insects while sleeping, so why not spiders?

120 Exactly, but the Legend here is that there is data. It's definitely possible, and even probable, but there's no way to logically put a number on it. Unless you're Christian Bale in Limitless of course.

Why does 48 have negative votes? Sure some spiders are scary but they do take care of tons of annoying insects and will leave you alone as long as you don't bother them most of the time.

Burn your whole house to kill them all :D

sir_blackness 2

2-.. ur hot..

That happened but it was all over my bike... Terrified of the things.

xoconnie 8


lebronesque73091 12

I don't think I would have a good night's sleep ever if that happened to me.

Slapped those ******* off with my sleeve rode home with spiders in my jacket... Not my best idea.

I think spiders are cute.

That just sent shivers down my spine. FYL.

Da_Bauss435 8

Same here, and my dreams will now forever be haunted by that image

ohjessica 11

Time to move, OP. You should probably burn your house down while you're at it.

Damn, you beat me to it!

OhDearBetrayal 25

11- For your statement claiming you are attracted to intelligence you sure fail to show your own.

Use fire it works every time believe me if you use it with long bursts these ****** die quickly so less pain Sorry if any of you love all living creatures. i just hate any kind of bug (expect bee's i love them even feed feed and pet them, i m not kidding)

Kill it. Kill it with fire, a massive book, a chainsaw, bleach, water, your hands (not recommended), a sword, juice, liquid nitrogen, grenades, a minigun and possibly a thumb tack. Last option: burn house down.

I think burning the house down should be done first, to prevent any potential spread of the spiders.

CaramelMacchiato 13

^ Exactly. This is so gross. It sounds like an episode of "Infestation." Seriously, OP should react quickly before the spiders end up chasing him out of his own house!

Angelrose2004 17

How could 6 copy 5 if they posted at the same time? Plus 6 was longer than 5's. I doubt it... Unless 6 edited. js

jillybee101 7

50- oh yes, he "copied" 5. Funny because I do believe they posted at the exact same time. Weird. Let's not go back to year 3 with the "copy cat" phase. Imbecile.

Well, obviously.

#7 , says the girl with the description "Poop".

likeAwesome 3

Knock that mother ****** off!

vacuums work great at cleaning stuff. even spider webs

CaramelMacchiato 13

I don't think OP's problem is the mess the spiders mad/the web. I think it's the spiders he's worried about.

The web is on the ceiling though...

I writhed just reading this. Move out and burn the house down while your at it.

I doubt OP could burn his house down thrice. After the first two times, people would probably catch on and put him in a home (away from anything flammable of course)!

bryantkilgo 0

You are ******* retarded