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Today, I covered a 10-hour shift for a sick coworker. Glad to earn some extra money for the holidays, I went to clock out. I hadn't even clocked in when I first got there at 7 am. FML
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StompinOnCrayons 15

Well, good job anyway ? Explain it to your boss or check the CCTV

just tell your supervisor. no biggie. happens all the time!


StompinOnCrayons 15

Well, good job anyway ? Explain it to your boss or check the CCTV

I've done this countless times. Just tell them you forgot to clock in and they usually will be fine with it. Most bosses aren't dicks that'll drop your shift for a simple mistake

The same thing has happened to me. It's easily fixed by your book keeper or management.

Rainhawk94 27

If they have cameras then there's your proof that you were there

Not. A big deal. They know someone did the shift, so tell your boss. He can sign it for you. I take it the boss had to ask you to do the shift in the first place.

Where I work, if you're covering a shift for a sick coworker you wouldn't be able to punch in anyway, because it'll be their name in the system for the shift, not yours. The managers have to change it manually for you to get paid for that shift. I'm sure it can't be that a big a deal to tell the boss and have them fix it.

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OPs managers can fix that. that's happened to me before. don't worry OP, you'll get those hours accounted for:)

I've done that a few times before at work. I told my managers about it, and they dealt about it

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Rei-san that wasn't very nice of you. Typical Rei.

just tell your supervisor. no biggie. happens all the time!

Exactly! They have procedures for that. Not to mention I doubt OP hadn't been seen by any witnesses during that 10hour shift.

Just tell your boss to manually enter the punch times for you. How is this a deal?

rules are different depending where you work? maybe they have to process it next paycheck after the holiday, maybe they're more formal of the boss is just a dick, who knows? point is don't be so judgemental when you don't know that much about the situation

They put it on a website that's sole purpose is passing judgment.

It can be a big deal depending on where you work. At my summer job the paychecks are all calculated by the computers that keep track of when you've punched in and out. It's not impossible for someone to go in and fix the mistake, but it is a pain, and doesn't make you look very good. OP, I feel you - I've done similar things myself. Make sure you get paid, and hopefully your supervisors will be understanding!

39- I actually feel like the purpose is to read about the stupid/crappy stuff that happens to other people and either feel better about your own life, or realize you're not alone in having crappy things happen to you. I never judge anything based on 2-3 sentences because you never have the full story from that.

Just let your manager know, there shouldn't be any problems. Even dough you didn't clock in, you should still get the money.