By Anonymous - 17/04/2016 16:37 - United States - Middletown

Today, during a soccer game, some utter moron got the bright idea of trying to score a goal from his side of the field. I sarcastically made a big show of just barely stopping the ball, and nailed it off to the side. The ball hit a kid so hard in the head that he had to go to the hospital. FML
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Could've been worse, you could've sarcastically let the ball go in by mistake

drayloon 50

I guess he wasn't prepared for the header?


Could've been worse, you could've sarcastically let the ball go in by mistake

Soooo a goal going in is worse than a kid going to the hospital...

absolutely don't you know how seriously people take this sport?

Better a kid going to the hospital than a riot in the stands or a viral video on YouTube.

Thats where i thought this was going originally

danimal_crackerz 26

That's what I was expecting when I read this

Lol I clearly don't have my priorities straight.

Would've been super embarrassing if he made the shot... oh wait it was embarrassing

drayloon 50

I guess he wasn't prepared for the header?

CoffeeChickBlows 13

^ This is an example of an attention ***** trying to be #1 and failing to make a comment that isn't complete shit in the process.

Ah, yes, Karma: the force that screws over people entirely unrelated to others' hubris.

It really is Karma, though. If OP hadn't been such a macho showy wanna-be alpha male to a guy who probably made an honest mistake due to excitement, stress, etc that usually involves a game, and not kicked the ball so hard, the kid would be fine. Hopefully the parents and coach punished him as well as his guilt. YFDI big time. The side lines are, you know, usually where fans are. Kids, parents, family, friends, bystanders. The right direction would be to kick it back onto the field hard. Yes, I have played soccer, both casually and on a team. It probably goes by a different name, but physical dyslexia exists. Say you get a glass of milk and mix up the locations. You put the gallon in the cupboard and then the glass in the fridge, then realize what happened. I've done it, and a quick search online shows others have. It's not always just about reading or writing words backwards or mixed up.

I'm sorry did you just say that he deserved it because he blocked the ball?

No, of course not. Blocking the ball is fine but making a show of it to embarrass the other guy.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Woah that's weird. My comment moved around and now it looks like I was calling Tripartita the attention *****. Anyhoo, don't let me interrupt while you're making no sense, #12.

Sometimes I write long comments too, then I realise I sound crazy and/or stupid. So then I delete them..

That's not karma, though. Karma is the belief that whatever you do in this life, it carries over to the next. It's not at all instantaneous.

#12- how do you play soccer both "casually and on a team"? Is casual soccer an individual sport?

@12, idk how you think OP was being a "wanna-be alpha male" or what kind of soccer youve played where someone decides to kick the shit out of the ball at the goal because of "excitement" or "stress" from the other side of the field. Why the hell should he he punished for a mistake that happened in a game... He didn't hurt his team mate on purpose. Also, you're physical dyslexia comment is completely unrelated.

Well, you could've hit yourself in the head, I guess.

Wow, and I thought sarcasm went over poorly online…

gabechriswill 19

Well **** his life more like it. YDI, though sorry.