By Tal - 26/04/2009 15:14 - United States

Today, I got kicked in the face at a soccer game. Everybody clapped. FML
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You dumbarse when a player gets injured in sports and gets up ok, people clap because the you're ok.


YDI for playing soccer!!!!!!!!! jkjkjk fyl

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theyre supposed to clap if u get hurt its like that in mostly all sports

#114 nobody cares if you hate soccer, and looking at your user, "colts" shows that you love (American) football. please **** off and because you didn't notice he said "jk jk jk fyl"

no theyre only supposed to clap if u get up by yourself dumbass

Awww, sorry to hear that. Maybe they were clapping for something else?? You never know... ZOMG 2nd!!! :D

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yeah they clap after you get up. that is respectful.

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they were probably clapping when OP got up and walked away, like everyone does. OP's just a little bitch

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hahahahahahaha. i'm sorry but that's funny. i hope your face is ok.

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that's happened to my when playing hockey. I would get shoved out of the way and people would clap because it was a good move or they got a goal after shoving me out of the way. it's not fun. especially since i am a girl and i play on a all boys league.

Suck it up then..... If you want to play in a boys league grow slme ballls

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If they clapped, you probably deserved it?

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YDI for a having a life? dunno.

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maybe they were clapping cus the other person made a good play after they kicked you? that sucks tho


haha everyone must hate you

Thats so mean... They are people in school called bullies who pick on normal people....