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Today, at a soccer game held by my girlfriend's family, some idiot went to kick the ball, missed by a mile, and hit the ground hard. So I started a slow, sarcastic clap. I got a load of angry looks, followed by verbal abuse when we found out he'd split his head open on the ground. FML
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Even if he hadn't split his head you shouldn't have done that.


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He's an asshole for doing that. You're one also for thinking it sucks for him to be boo'd for it

The only thing that sucks for op is him being stuck with his judgemental and consescending personality which makes him act like such a turd towards others.

Only for the guy that fell. Op deserved it.

*gasp!* thank you so much for making me feel good for trying to be the ******* Switzerland. I regret to inform you that it's not making me feel any better from my already crappy day. Please try again as soon as you read this. PEACE! *walks out while crying like a little girl*

christinamarie17 29

You're irritating; I'm sure no one here is upset that you're leaving. Please don't come back.

*sings-songs* I'm singing in the rain, I'm singing in the rain . . .

christinamarie17 29

Dammit man I told you not to come back. And for the record, the correct term is "singsong". Not sings-songs.

OP is a bully. He deserves every look he got times ten. I sure would cheer for the girlfriend if she decided to dump him over that. If he acts like that around her family, imagine what he probably did to his classmates.

45, Switzerland gets enough heat for being totally blasé about everything that happens around them. Like currently where they don't take any asylum seekers when every country around them has more than they can deal with. At least Switzerland is not whining about people being angry about it.

Still sounds like you are the idiot.

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@45 If you don't want people to give you shit when you're already having a crappy day, then don't post things that make you sound like a dick.

KittyHawkMarch 29

I once kicked a ball that went way to far and off course so that it nailed some poor little kid off field in the head. I too got many looks for my soccer mishap.

KittyHawkMarch 29

Sorry, I just felt like telling a story. Hope some of you are entertained.

I once kicked a ball directly into someone's face just a few feet away from me.

I once kicked a ball and it didn't hit anybody.... I don't have any interesting stories to tell, just stories.

I once kicked a soccer ball in other teams face who was wearing glasses . I was then terminated from the tournament for unsportsmanship conduct . That was a accident as well.

I once took a baseball to the face. Not my favourite memory.

countryb_cth 38

When I was little I got hit in the face with a soccer ball so hard I actually flew backwards. I actually continued to play after.

poostickles 14

I once kicked a ball to my brother, it hit his foot and rebounded into his face, knocking him to the ground.

I got hit by a soccer ball to the stomach kicked by the goalie.

I once kicked a soccer ball and it hit my coach in the crotch. I was mortified.

While playing soccer-baseball, I went to kick the ball but ended up kicking the big-ass wooden base instead. Hurt like hell, glad I didn't break my toe. Another time I scored on my own hockey net, and another time before that I gave my badminton partner a black eye while playing doubles. So many more stories where that came from. Needless to say, sports and I are not great friends.

I once kicked a soccer ball that accidentally hit another girl in the stomach. She then stumbled to the side of the field and threw up. I had to sit out for the rest of the game.

I saved a goal with my boobs. That was the only time I've managed to do well at football(soccer).

I once bounced an eraser off my teacher's ass by accident. That's about the closest I can get to relevant because I didn't play sports at all.

Even if he hadn't split his head you shouldn't have done that.

that is pretty funny buy op don't act like people are glaring at you unreasonably because you said that kid was shit

Yup #3, especially considering this was a game organized by his girlfriend's family. These are people playing for fun and accidents happen. Being totally mean like that won't get you too far, OP

Yeah, you're supposed to make sure they're not injured before you laugh at them, at least.

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Being from Germany, where soccer is an unavoidable cultural aspect, I can't really seem to understand your comment, #3. Not being able to kick a soccer ball is like not being able to walk. I mean, you don't see people missing the area they were trying to place their next step.

Even my church's Women Flag Football team knows better than to clap when someone falls. And at least half our coaches' positions are filled with guys that are real stupid, but not as stupid as you to go clapping but actually check on the players BEFORE laughing about it if nothing too serious. So, yeah, you deserved it.

I see where you're coming from op but it still probably wasn't the best idea to do that even if he was ok...

How inconsiderate to be doing that. Like what was said before, even if that serious stuff didn't happen, it would be shameful to humiliate someone in front of a crowd like that.

you shouldnt laugh at someones misfortune. looks really bad but I guess you now figured that out.

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except people post the fmls for the entertainment of people with the FML app.

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@47 People post their stories to the website to get sympathy for themselves.

The point is this app is schadenfreude so I don't know what you're trying to prove

Especially considering you were with your girlfriend's family, you should've had better sense and tact than to do that.