By roughsexgonewrong - 05/11/2013 18:01 - United Kingdom - London

Today, my boyfriend's response to me saying, "Most women like a bit of filth in the bedroom every now and again" was to start farting in bed. Not quite what I meant. FML
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Bet his idea of a dirty pic is a snap shot of a garbage can.

There is a difference between dirty and filthy.


Bet his idea of a dirty pic is a snap shot of a garbage can.

#13: I consider that a "yummy pic". Who doesn't like cheesecake?

It's not what you say, it's how you say it.

I don't like cheesecake :( I feel like an outcast.

58, all the better for me. The more people who hate cheesecake the less I have to share.

aha have some fun with his humor! After all I'm sure you could pass some gas and scare him :p

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I thought that said fifth so I was really confused.

That's very strange... Have you tried telling him to stop?

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The "human interaction" version of "have you tried turning it off and back on again?".

It's not strange.. It's a natural thing to fart. And considering they sleep in the same bed she should probably get used to it.

Redoxx_fml 22

That's not the worst thing he could have done

There is a difference between dirty and filthy.

agreed. lol filthy doesn't sound as appealing as dirty.

Ins0mau 20

I think the connotations are slightly different in the U.K.

I'm sorry but that's gross! You must tell him to stop or it might get worse. He could start pooping in the bed yuck!

I don't think any self-respecting person would kick it up a notch and poop the bed. If they do, then it's probably not a person you wanna date anyway. Unless you're into that...?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I went to school with a kid who told me this story about how he shit in a bowl while his girlfriend was laying down holding it on her stomach. That's taking filthy to a whole new level..

Wow you kinda asked for it tho man at least she's comfortable enough to do that in front of you ;)

OP is a girl and she said this to her boyfriend. He is the one farting.

With all that gas around, yeah, they probably are blurred.

Guys are blunt, you have to say exactly what you mean.

Knowing the sense of humor that the guys I know have, you asked for that. Just be glad he didn't pull the covers over your head and make you bask in it. Yuck.

My boyfriend is fond of dutch ovens, I've narrowly escaped a few times.

Next time he tries a dutch oven, give him a cupcake.