By GDubeau24 - Canada - Cornwall
Today, the package I've waited for months for finally arrived. It turned out it wasn't for me, but for my sister, who bought the same thing only 2 weeks ago. When I called, the company told me they received my payment, but that there were no more of the item in stock. FML
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  niallo  |  23

Actually I agree. I had thought you can complain and insist they send as his sister got hers.
The problem is this is a problem order. It sometimes happens that you get stuck in a crack. You will stay there for a long time. Cancel and start again. You might at least get a survey as to why you cancelled your order.

  Ramanella  |  26

51- okay so I am going as a hunch here but people call op a he because op didn't state it. Though since their sister got the same thing I would say he is actually a she.

  ambitiousnygrl  |  17

I just got a watch in the mail today with a note saying they ran out of the one I ordered and thus sent me a different style in a different color. You'd think they'd call or email and ask me if I preferred that or a refund. Luckily I like the watch. But still, OP, maybe contact customer service and explain the situation?

  ariastyles12  |  25

My sister and I hate each other but my underwear always ends up in her drawers- and she wears them! I keep telling her if she's never seen it before, don't wear it but she doesn't listen.


One time I ordered a scarf online, they had accidentally over sold the product but the money was already taken out of my debit card. Thankfully, the person I talked to about it was nice and understanding (since this was my first time ever ordering anything online, I was very confused about the whole thing). It took them a few attempts but they finally got my money returned and apologized for all their technical errors during the process.
I would still buy things from the website if I wasnt so broke nowadays! lol.

By  ManicGypsy  |  22

Curious as to what this item is. If you've been waiting for months, and your sister got hers in less than 2 weeks, something sounds odd. I think you should have tried to get your money back a month ago.