By GDubeau24 - 05/11/2013 17:34 - Canada - Cornwall

Today, the package I've waited for months for finally arrived. It turned out it wasn't for me, but for my sister, who bought the same thing only 2 weeks ago. When I called, the company told me they received my payment, but that there were no more of the item in stock. FML
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Don't they usually send an email or something to notify you of that?


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Yet they shipped your sisters? What happened to no item in stock?

Actually I agree. I had thought you can complain and insist they send as his sister got hers. The problem is this is a problem order. It sometimes happens that you get stuck in a crack. You will stay there for a long time. Cancel and start again. You might at least get a survey as to why you cancelled your order.

51- okay so I am going as a hunch here but people call op a he because op didn't state it. Though since their sister got the same thing I would say he is actually a she.

OP's sister ordering the same item as him/her doesn't necessarily mean that OP's chick. For all we know, they could've ordered a boxes of cereal.

Don't they usually send an email or something to notify you of that?

Not always. The NFL online shop didn't tell me, but I still got my money back and the product way cheaper.

I just got a watch in the mail today with a note saying they ran out of the one I ordered and thus sent me a different style in a different color. You'd think they'd call or email and ask me if I preferred that or a refund. Luckily I like the watch. But still, OP, maybe contact customer service and explain the situation?

Get your money back that happened to me b4!!! So messed up!

I hate when people comment on others puns and jokes and stuff saying they were funny and what not but this was worthy. Lovely job.

I hate when people comment stuff that is irrelevant to the previous comments or the FML in general. Not this one, wait, yeah this one.

It's was relevant to the battlefield joke actually.

Battlefield? You mean battleship right? Because my understanding is those are completely different.

That's a bummer! Hopefully you two are close sisters and can share whatever it is till another comes in

#16, if it's 2 sisters, that's a hot mental image.

36- Noooooooo, that's incest and disgusting

My sister and I hate each other but my underwear always ends up in her drawers- and she wears them! I keep telling her if she's never seen it before, don't wear it but she doesn't listen.

I didn't think they could legally take your money if they didn't have the merch in stock.

Most companies don't charge you till the item ships. Which means if it isn't in stock they shouldn't have charged her if the item is out of stock:/

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One time I ordered a scarf online, they had accidentally over sold the product but the money was already taken out of my debit card. Thankfully, the person I talked to about it was nice and understanding (since this was my first time ever ordering anything online, I was very confused about the whole thing). It took them a few attempts but they finally got my money returned and apologized for all their technical errors during the process. I would still buy things from the website if I wasnt so broke nowadays! lol.

Call your bank and open a claim. You definitely deserve your money back. Heck, you even deserve a little interest too.

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I would have blown a fuse get your money back!!!

'Oh shit, Jim! She turned off our lights!'

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Curious as to what this item is. If you've been waiting for months, and your sister got hers in less than 2 weeks, something sounds odd. I think you should have tried to get your money back a month ago.