By Anonymous - 19/04/2015 14:04 - United States - Lawrence

Today, my boyfriend let out a horrible fart in the middle of sex. Even though it was clearly his, he gave me disgusted look, called me a dirty bitch, then kept going. Let's just say I didn't finish. FML
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It was just the two of you. What on earth did he hope to accomplish by pretending it wasn't him? O.o

lady bone killer right there


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Seems like OP's boyfriend is a dirty boy. You deserve it for letting him finish.

I don't think talking dirty is meant to be taken literally...

Oh no, I forgot to use the sarcasm font. Come on guys.

Stop, just stop. This is a website, not a real person.

Watch out, fml police! Oh no, there aren't any...

lady bone killer right there

I've heard of dirty sex but that's taking it to a new level...

What an asshole

bleedingglitter 24

Pfft I would not have let him finish.

Okay the records 5 lets go!! 1...2...3...4...5...6... YEAH I GOT 6! I GOT 6 AT THE SUN STARE!!

What was the relevance of this comment here?

It was just the two of you. What on earth did he hope to accomplish by pretending it wasn't him? O.o

PePziNL 20

Unless... It wàsn't the two of them.

It is always somebody else's fault

Wow, major turn off. Sorry OP.

poppunkette 22

That's just nasty! I would be with holding sex for ages as punishment

Sex shouldn't be a punishment and reward thing. That's a ridiculous and immature way of thinking. If you're angry or upset, by all means, don't have sex with him if you aren't feeling it but it shouldn't literally be withheld as a punishment.

This. I don't get why people do that....

Badkarma4u 17

Yeah then you'll be whining about him cheating on you.

Too far.. No one deserves to get cheated on no matter how immature they act.

Badkarma4u 17

Withholding sex and affection for punishment is manipulation at its finest. If a woman thinks her ****** is a weapon, then a man should show her that every woman has one, and will give it to her man.

If a man thinks that a woman owes him sex because he's "her man" and that he has a right to cheat on her if she doesn't give it to him, he's an chauvinist asshole.