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By tyler - 18/02/2010 20:12 - United States

Today, I went to a Jack's Mannequin concert. I'd asked this girl I'm interested in to come with me, and she insisted that she had to bring her two year-old son with us. I'd told her it was no problem. Ten minutes into it, she said we needed to leave because it was too loud for him. FML
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Bringing a two-year-old on what you wanted to be a date? You set yourself up for that one.

You went to a Jack's Mannequin concert. Your life is awesome.


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haha u shulf have made them walk home I eouldnt have left for the world

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cuz ur first and we wanna be higher on the page ;)

you totally should have let her leave by herself or wait outside! IDGAF nobody would make me miss a jacks mannequin concert. LOL :)

ydi for asking out a girl with a kid.

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Number one rule: Bros before Hoes.

Well its a concert its supposed to be loud.

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damn at least u went to the conexertt

omgeeesh ur sooooo luckkyyy I lovvveee themmmm

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lucky?!?!!?!? he didn't get to watch it

YDI for goin to a Jack mannquie concert

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how ******* dare she disgrace Andrew mcmahon. oh, and you :)

why's everyone saying jacks manequeen is a great band?? I've never even heard of them.

I concur with 62, obviosly she's a dumb pain in the ass and you can stop wasting your time and money

Because He/ They ARE a great bands thats a why!!! The Guy almost dies dies of cancer and while dyin writes easily the prettiest song EVER written!! Yep the mans an Angel LOL

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YDI for dating a girl that thinks it's ok to bring children of that age to any type of concert irresponsible much?

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THEN GO LISTEN TO THEM NOW. i agree not a lot of people know about then, by they are AMAZING. listen to Dark Blue, Crashin', Spinning, I'm Ready, and Bruised. Those are my faves.

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ydi y would u ask out a girl with a kid?!!!¡!!!!!!

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FHL, the guy who likes her is totally inconsiderate and oblivious to the health of her child

You went to a Jack's Mannequin concert. Your life is awesome.

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but they had to leave after 10 minutes..

i lovve jacks mannequin. (: i would love to go to one of their concert!

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Who is Jack mannequin sorry i'm a knee grow..

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Don't get with someone who has baggage. And don't bring said baggage to a Jack's Mannequin concert. I hope you learned your lesson.

well don't blame her, she was just being cocerned about her child, and concerts are boring.

You must have been to some shitty concerts. (Probably Jack's Mannequin. I HATE that guy.)

You don't bring a young child to concerts like that unless you want to permanently damage their hearing. And concerts are only boring if you see terrible bands.

Blame her because it was obvious that it would be too loud for the child - what was she thinking? And of course the OP deserved it, because it was obvious that it would be too loud for the child - why didn't he explain this to his gf? At least they are a well-matched couple, what with both of them being morons.

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Hearing is fully developed at birth. It's no more damaging for a child than an adult.

Thats why its more painful... Just to clarify when your hearing is fully developed it means that you can hear more. As you get older you lose some of your ability to hear therefore it is more painful for a younger person. Also small children don't handle pain as well as adults.

Bringing a two-year-old on what you wanted to be a date? You set yourself up for that one.

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How did you not see this coming? It could be a different reason though, she brought the child to give an honest opinion on you. Obviously you scored poorly.

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I hope the kid's dad had some brains, because his mom sounds like an idiot for wanting to bring a two-year-old to a rock concert. You are a moron for saying it would be "no problem." Jesus, I know what it's like to be desperate to get into a girl's pants, but you're an embarrassment to our gender! If the two of you get together, you should get a vasectomy and she should have her tubes tied, otherwise you will be starting a race of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging fools.

while your having the vasectomy, just get your balls and penis chopped off, they seem to be extra baggage for you.

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are you here snickerdoodles? lol

She's always here, you just have to look harder...

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YDI. You don't bring toddlers to concerts, especially if they're not yours.