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Today, I got paired up with a coworker for a three-month project. All he talks about is how attractive my girlfriend is and what he would do with her. FML
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Lukcia 5

Complain. That's some form of harassment, you don't need to take it.

Tell him what you'll do to him if he doesn't stop.


Lukcia 5

Complain. That's some form of harassment, you don't need to take it.

Why not settle it down the old-fashioned way, a boot far up his ass..

#16, because then he would have something to complain to HR about? Come to think of it, that actually might be his gameplan.

A07 48

Or you could just punch him in the throat!

jw90 18

I would send in the complaint or a request to work with someone else. If that don't work, then shove your foot up his ass.

Llama_Face89 33

19- that's why you take him out for a couple drinks first. Neutral territory.

tjv3 10

Well satellite him to stop and if he doesn't then tell him if he doesn't then you will report him for harassment

Tell him what you'll do to him if he doesn't stop.

A kick to the ass works. Most of the time, that is.

Damn, I didn't see #16's comment. I basically said the same thing.

Punching someone like that out does nothing. You gotta mind game the perv, be like "hey we did that and she was damn good too, to bad she won't get with a dumbass like you." Or something like "man I'm living all your perverted dreams, must suck knowing you can only talk about it." The guys jealous and knows it bugs you, flip that shit right around on him.

I'm pretty sure this qualifies under sexual harassment.

And why haven't you beat the shit of him yet? thats your girl, you're supposed to protect her.

I would guess it's because that's assault and will very likely end up with OP being fired and maybe tossed in a jail cell.

Jeez, this guy has no idea what boundaries are. Talk to your boss about it, it's considered harassment and you won't get any work done.

your pic pretty much summed up my inner response to this. then it quickly turned into malice... ahh why is this world so unforgiving!

TrinityNevada 11

Sounds like you really need to set (and stick with) some boundaries. Next time your co worker says something, cut him off and say something like, "That's my girlfriend you're talking about. It's insulting to her and to me when you make comments like that. If you do it again, I <i>will</i> report you to management and I will <i>keep</i> reporting you to management." could that cause problems (like people trying to sabotage you in an underhanded way) for you? Yes. But while you're looking for a new job (tell HR that you will quit if they allow this to continue), document everything that happens. Good luck!

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I wondered what the **** those symbols were for, now I know.

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Ah! I accidentally have this a thumbs down! Stupid phone

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Oops. Ah well, whatever. This is what happens when I wake up too early

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It's a way to let us know we should read those words as if they were in italics. I actually found it a pretty elegant substitute for putting them in italics.

Mr25_fml 14

The next time he brings it up, smile. The things he wants to do, you actually can do. The girl he wants is already yours.

RedPillSucks 31

Yes. She sells them in the yard. It brings out all the boys.

Sorry #52! They aren't milkshakes though so they won't bring out any of the boys to her yard! Lol

Sneak up behind him when he doesn't know you're there and whisper in his ear that you're gonna do everything to him that he said he'd do to your girlfriend. He probably won't believe you so wait until you finish the project then actually do it! he'll never see it coming! You'll never have to deal with him as a partner again.

That would sound gay! And what if he swings that way.

This is literally a scenario from the Big Bang Theory

Tell him that everything he wants to do to her, you'll do to him. On a serious note, I would warn him officially that this is not acceptable and if he doesn't get the point, just take it to the management or HR.