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  Thanitos  |  0

He's pathetic for not wanting to support someone else's kid after being lied to for several months?

Anyway, it most likely wasn't her kid. That is an easy way of breaking up with someone without feeling guilty about it.

  ellness  |  0

like he hasn't lied about anything to her. I have secrets about my past that I don't even tell my gf. but that shouldn't change anything. she's the same person she was before he knew about the kid.

  shucks101  |  11

@197, #149, meant that a child is a bad thing to people who didn't want it or didn't mean to have it. Your opinion is not the way of the world. Stop overreacting...


It's def possible. One of my friends boyfriends in highschool kept his kid a secret for an entire year that they were together. The mom had moved an hour and a half away and didn't want anything to do with him and never contacted him. He would have to contact her. But we didn't find this out until AFTER my friend broke up with him. He was extremely ashamed he had a kid so young and had never told anyone.

  janise  |  2

It's pretty ignorant to assume a woman is crazy just because she doesn't have custody of her kid. Are men crazy if they don't have custody? NO.

  marvin_fml  |  0

If you had any experience with the court system you'd know that for a man to get custody he not only has to be a saint, but he must also prove the mother to be completely unfit as a parent.
For a woman to lose custody she has to be either a drug addict or clinically insane, and often the court still decides in favour of the mother. (eg If she says she's getting treatment.)

  marvin_fml  |  0

Here, I found a quote for you from an article about a recent court case:-
"The Family Court judge found Bill's ex-wife to be violent, untruthful, lacking moral values and responsible for the psychological and emotional abuse of her children - but still gave her custody of the two girls, now aged 9 and 11, because they had become estranged from their father."

By  WONDERWB  |  2

Speaking as a single parent, it's to protect the child. However, her never mentioning said child is very wrong on her part. Mentioning the child is appropriate but meeting the child is another story.

  GeorgeBoosh  |  0

Why would it be a deal breaker? She kept the kid secret because most guys wouldn't even TALK to a woman with a child, let alone start up a relationship. The fact that she kept the child invisible for 6 months means that it shouldn't impact on their play time as a couple. So, did he like the girl? Was she fun to be with? Look past you male egos.

  flippingbunny  |  0

Sure, it showed him that her having a child has yet to interfer with their playtime as a couple, unless it has interfered and she blamed it on something else because she didnt tell him she has a child!!!
Would you be upset with a significant other if you believed, and were never corrected, that they were a lawyer only to find out six months later that they are a receptionist? I would, because they deceived me and a deception such as that would change things. That deception isnt even as bad as the one here. What if the OP doesnt really like kids, or loves them but doesnt want one?
Yes, its damn hard to find a relationship as a single mother, but that is not the OPs problem, its the girlfriends. Deception is not a good way to begin a relationship.
Im sure its hard for people with HIV to find a relationship too, but that doesnt make it okay for them to hide it from their boyfriend for six months.

  jairolover  |  25

exactly, if a guy doesn't want to date a woman with kids that should he his choice! & obviously that woman isn't trustworthy for hiding something so important. Just because you wait to tell a guy that you have a kid, does NOT mean that they will continue dating you. Relationships should be based off of honesty and trust, she lost that the moment she neglected to tell him about her son. Don't be an idiot ladies.

By  chadwick110480  |  0

if she can keep something as big as that a secret then I wonder how long it will take her to confess about cheating on you. "Hey honey remember when we were first dating ten years ago well . . . " Just a thought.