By MarieAmber18 - 28/05/2015 18:05 - United States - Pasadena

Today, I found out that the reason why my boyfriend has been denying me sex isn't because he is scared of someone walking in on us. It's because his blow-up doll pleasures him more than I do. FML
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Weird. I could've sworn that a little prick would deflate a blow up doll.


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No. Just no. Lets not blow things out of proportion.

How about showing him your vibrator?

leogachi 15

Maybe she doesn't have one? It's time to invest in one, though.

Weird. I could've sworn that a little prick would deflate a blow up doll.

His name is Lars isn't it. Dolls have feelings too, you know.

I remember watching this old 80's movie call "River's Edge" that had a bunch of up coming stars. Dennis Hopper's character was in love with a blow up doll and treated her/it like an actual person. Had her because she didn't talk back.

A more modern example is "Frank". One of the supporting characters was into mannequins.

no one caught this guys I am legend reference?

Lucky for you, you're a girl. This problem of yours can be easily fixed.

Excellent idea. They /do/ have male blow-up dolls available. I named mine Richard.

I'm sorry to tell you this, but he prefers Dick.

Lol male blow up dolls. I just meant any any guy would appreciate any girl of they just kick it up a notch. If that doesn't work your guy has the issue

And you think sex is satisfying every time for us? lmao. Even if it's not so great or we don't get near finishing, we'll finish you off because it's a nice feeling.

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I don't know why people are giving your comment a thumbs down. A girl gets to just sit back and sort through the guys who are interested.

She has a boyfriend, she wants to sleep with him- not just any random guy

Communication rules a nation, maybe it's time to switch it up!

Maybe propose spicing things up to change his mind?

Cinnamon or paprika should do the trick.

Exactly... Put some hot sauce in every hole on the doll.

There's actually a kink for people who like to put things like hot peppers in their buttholes. It's called 'figging' after an old technique to make old horses look young and energetic.

#33, so does having a doll chosen over you.

@42: I was gonna ask why you know that, but then I saw your pic.

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Quite the profile there.. I like it.

I think it's time to find a real man