By Ameel - 12/04/2012 18:49 - Australia - Ballarat

Today, I tried to convince my daughter that the "To boldly go where no man has gone before" speech is from Star Trek, and is not an actual historical speech by the first man on the moon. She has decided to include it in her university essay on Neil Armstrong anyway. FML
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Ameel_fml tells us more.

It's from the original series. Not one of the films. /nerd

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When I read the first half sentence I swear this was going to be about sex. Ahwell. Either way, your daughter doesnt seem very smart...


Only if the teacher is a trekie and thinks its a reference.

F+ for presentation character and speech A++ for creativity and C++ for coding. :P

A+ doesn't exist in my school +- don't exist 3.2 GPA here I come :/

Let's just hope that the teacher is a star trek fan.... With a sense of humor.

xoconnie 8

lmao nice, at least the professor will get a laugh :D

or just shake his head is disappiontment.

Yeah 16, because no other university in the world could possibly to be different to US colleges.

Wow, she's way off! That's what Neil Patrick Harris said to Lance Armstrong when they landed on Mars!

75, 16 was being facetious. They don't necessarily mean that there's no such thing as an A+ in college, they're just incredibly difficult to obtain.

RocketNinjaFish 12

Let's hope her teacher has a sense of humor.

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16- they exist in my college.

99, say 'sarcastic' instead of ' Facetious'. It confused me.

my university's highest obtainable grade is an A

When I read the first half sentence I swear this was going to be about sex. Ahwell. Either way, your daughter doesnt seem very smart...

I thought it was gonna be about sex also.

Saw the -1s comin, wasn't a very good reply...

Now, do you mean "half of the first sentence" or "the first half sentence"? Because I don't really see any half sentences.

Yeah 8, the part where it says "to boldly go where no man's gone before....

13, half of the 1st sentence. Is everyone here grammar freaks?

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Rules of the Internet and the FML comminity everyone is a grammar freak.

@27, that and it send they dont like when sex is mentioned in a comment? Whatever...

White with his perverted brain! Aah well me too xD

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I one hundred percent agree; I was a little disappointed when it wasn't. :)

Wow... This had -7 like 3 hours ago...

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You dropped her on her head one too many times when she was a baby.

At least your daughter is cool enough to know what Star Trek is! :] But seriously, how old is she??

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4 said the same thing as 7 and got less likes. I wonder why?

28- Is that a rhetorical question or are you seriously wondering, like I am?

Hey, 4, she doesn't know what Star Trek is. If she did, she would know that's where the quotes come from.

BehindU 5
BehindU 5

I get where your goin with that 35 hmm...

I think we know the answer. Well, everyone but IronicIrony...

Oh I see! I missread the FML. Sorry :]

4-Shes putting it in a college application. Take an educated guess at how old she is.

4- She's including it in a university essay. Take an educated guess at her age. And her physical age, not mental. We

Ah, I see. Stupid iPod, I tried to edit my comment and it sent as a seperate comment. My bad.

@59 Checked out your bio. I have a feeling that you feel good about yourself for "being in fights" over the internet. Are you trying to make up for something in reality?

Sir, if your daughter is over 13 years of age and she does not know what star trek is, you have failed as a parent.

It's not only geeks who like star trek mr thesaurus.

Well I was just saying every person should have at least "heard" of star trek. Yes I was trying to be funny, but my comment has a point to it.

Hey! I am a cake thank you very much!

Yeah I know, my editing time ran out to correct it, there were comments before saying that too, but they were deleted for some reason...Mods must love me.

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By the way, 13 years old don't write essay to an university, maybe some super genius kids, clearly that's not the case in here.

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Just correct her, you don't have to make fun of her on fml

What?! But FML is all about making fun of people! ...Right?

OP tried correcting her but her daughter went with it anyway

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Well apparently the University she goes to does not require people to cite their sources >.>

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Tell her I'll have chicken nuggets with fries in a year or two

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She should also include that the moon is made of cheese :D! Can you believe some people still deny this claim D: !?

The real debate is whether it's cheddar or mozzarella

The real debate is whether it's cheddar or mozzarella

The real debate is whether it's cheddar or mozzarella

15% of america still believes elvis is alive...I'm not surprised people believe the moon is made of cheese sadly...

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How in the world does your college aged child NOT know what Star Trek is? My daughter by age 2 knew...

they know, they're just using it in the wrong context

85- I think she knows of it. But not enough about it to know that line is from ST. Which is odd because people who donkt even like Star Trek knows this line.

If I was he professor and read that essay I would most definitely give her an A