By StillPissedOffAtIrony - 06/09/2014 17:25 - United States - Hialeah

Today, my mother yelled at me for not doing all of my homework. She got so mad, she tore up a drawing I'd spent over a week working on. That was my art homework. FML
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I agree. Parents shouldn't always draw conclusions- hopes and dreams would just be shredded up and ripped into pieces. Don't make things sketchier than what they appear.

Agreed. OP's mother needs a psychiatric for anger management

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sue me for the spelling error grammar nazi

@ 85: They were just trying to help. Don't be such a bitch about it.

Better yet, her mother should tell the teacher that.

It's unlikely a mother like that would confess to her teacher.

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Maybe a torn up picture that you put back together can look artistic in a way?

That must've sucked a lot, that's definitely not the best parenting...

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I'd like to see her try and justify that.

Bring the torn picture to your teacher, and ask for an extension. That really sucks though OP, hope everything turns out ok for you! :)

Parents: Ruining Children's lives for the better since 100000 B.C.

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My mom likes to yell at me to do my homework. I'm in college she does not know when I have it. She just wants to yell.

If you think about it, she most likely wants you to succed

Yelling at someone like that doesn't help.

The irony is strong in this one. I hope you explained to your mother what she had just done. I also think she should be the one to explain to your art teacher why your homework was not handed in on time.