justme415 tells us more.

LOL Great advice. You are so wise. ooops, sorry, I meant you’re a miserable, unpleasant, hateful person. But yeah, if you must know, 1) the rent control started 30 years ago, way before and had nothing at all to do with COVID, 2) I am disabled and on a fixed, severely limited income and have been looking for another place I can afford the for 14 years (the entire time I’ve lived in this place), 3) even still, I spend the majority of every day job hunting, so far with no success. it literally take less than 3 minutes to post an FML, I assume from your comment that you never take any breaks at your job, and (4) the eviction was gentrification. the new owners of the building took it off the rental market so they can rent it out again after 4 years at a much higher rent (they specifically have a history of doing it to other buildings) and 5) there’s a government program that provides free cell phone and service, including data, to low-income people. So in the words of tRump who it’s apparent you’re a supporter of, suck it (my words) you nasty woman (tRumps words).