Damn, son

By Anonymous - 31/10/2012 20:24 - United States - Lufkin

Today, I was at a barbeque with my family, my boyfriend, and some mutual acquaintances. Someone jokingly called my boyfriend a pussy, to which he loudly replied, "I guess I am what I eat!" My mother was sitting across from us. FML
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iOceanus 18

Mommy's baby is not so innocent anymore.


HairyPunisher 27

Something very similar happened to me once. I'm gay and someone jokingly called me a dick. I said "You are what you eat" right across from my boyfriend's mom and sister.

He is awesome indeed and has a very nice sense of humor. OP you are lucky to have him, i can't think of a better come back than that.

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iOceanus 18
ApollosMyth 22

53 - Didn't you generalize teenage gamers as being ragers in a previous FML?

iShanny 13

Classy. Mommy must be so proud.

Proud or Jealous! If she never had that happen with her :D

iOceanus 18

Mommy's baby is not so innocent anymore.

I can just imagine the death glares your boyfriend received.

UncleMuscles 5

**** THAT SHIT, EAT JUNGLE CATS. insanitywolf.jpg

Eat problems, shit success. couragewolf.jpg

I feel stupid asking, but are you really typing that or are there actual pictures that don't show up on the app?

56- we're typing. It's just a shorter way of saying (insert courage wolf meme here). I'm also on the app. Cheers.

gmc_blossom 21

This person asked if I want to see their pussy. Sure, I love cats! firstdayontheinternetkid.jpg

Ugh, teenagers and their code words for sex. I should kick their ass! myphoto.jpg

legal371 5

Wooooow. Beware of the incoming : dump him he's an idiot, comments

If he's really so immature that he would say that, maybe breaking up with him is reasonable.

If she breaks up with him because he made one dumb comment, she's going to end up alone surrounded by nothing BUT cats. Rude awakening people, we all say dumb shit every so often. Breaking up with someone for one slip up is extremely unreasonable, I'm sure if she got with another guy he'd say something else dumb around her folks at some point too. Welcome to humanity, enjoy your stay.

I hear you, 45. I'm just saying if she is embarrassed by this kind of immaturity often, then maybe a change is in order.

Your comment is used almost as much as the phrase "dump him". Anyone mind if I start the next overused comment? No objections? Okay, here goes nothing... "oh God, here come the 'oh God here come the 'dump him' comments' comments." How was that?

redmane 21

66- It was a failed attempt at sarcasm. That's what it was.

gmc_blossom 21

66- Your sarcasm was bad and you should feel bad.

I'm 31 and not an idiot, and I would have said the same thing.

DontModMeDammit 10

then quickly explain to your mom that he is from an area on the globe were they eat cats.

wannabemom 5

**** that. Be honest. So what? It's not like you we're going to stay pure forever and if she's just now finding that you've done the "nasty" then she's gotten a little surprise :) it's only human nature, after all.

Well it always depends, maybe she's supposed to be abstinent or something, so she might get in trouble for doing the nasty.

olpally 32

Nice impression... I bet your mom gave him the death look...

It's wrong for him to say that in front of your mother but it's okay to call someone a pussy in front of your mother?

twinny_sc 13

Maybe she doesn't want her parents to know she has sex. They could be super uptight about that.