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By XxDiabolikalXx - 24/08/2010 07:30 - France

Today, while having dinner, my boyfriend decided to tell everyone about our sex life. It wouldnt have been too bad except my father was sitting right next to me. My boyfriends excuse was that he wanted to make my dad laugh. He isn't laughing. FML
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ur boy friend is a jerk ..

why did he think he would laugh? WTF haha.. he was probably like "hey (insert op's dad's name here) did you know ur daughter is a screamer?. =|


ur boy friend is a jerk ..

maybe you should... please your dad. he might forgive you.

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why would he laugh? does your boyfriend have a small prick or does he only last 30 seconds? idiot

I would've laughed

maybe he didn't laugh because he was tired of hearing all your boyfriends trying to make him laugh through your personal sexual encounters.

awww =( that sucks. well maybe you shouldn't have done what you guys have been doing..? but still, your bf isn't very smart.

Then he brings up the fact that you're pregnant just for laughs.

Did he happen to mention that you love anal? What about how much you love to be fisted? Or that your dick sucking skills are top notch.

Your boyfriend is an IDIOT and your sex life is laughable. So...YDI.

if my bf did tht, my dad would make me join a convent

lol what a douche, sex talk around family is no fun

going with ydi, since learning how to make your bf shut the hell up (esp around family) is an important skill you're lacking...

is your boyfriend retarded???

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Daddy doesn't find the idea of potentially becoming a grandaddy funny.

Your dad needs to get a sense of humor.

What a dumb boyfriend. NOSHIT he wouldn't laugh. Fucktard.

ur arms are so skinny and small. eat some chocolate

Probably afcamwhore man with super car partcpowers

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no dad wud smart one.

first? and I call bs I don't know anyone who would do that, and besides there's been so many of these it's just a rip off in different words

are you kidding all I said was - first? then made an innocent statement who's the douche who modded me

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i think he now thinks it's just as bad as it is to you xd

why did he think he would laugh? WTF haha.. he was probably like "hey (insert op's dad's name here) did you know ur daughter is a screamer?. =|

ahhhhahaah, omg 9 I actually laughed out loud.

lololol lolollolololol I laughed,. btw, what is anti flood protection?

In the context of sexual encounters? A few things come to mind...

Anti flood protection is when you are posting too many comments on FML too quickly, so you have to give it a minute before you can post again.

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So, it's basically the gayest shit ever.

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he must have imagined how his daughter was like in bed and felt awkward..........

What kind of things was he saying? Details please :) So we can make up our minds if either your boyfriend is stupid or your dad has no humor. Or both.

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Today, at dinner, my daughters boyfriend decided to spend 45min of the dinner telling me my daughter "looks like shes in a snowglobe when i come. " and said she screams like my wife when she orgasms.FML.