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Today, my boss chewed me out for leaving a work function early. I explained it was to avoid a former co-worker I constantly fought with. The boss revealed he purposely invited that former co-worker, hoping our fight would provide entertainment. FML
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That's unethical of him & quite immature for someone who holds a powerful position in a company. Hope you sorted that out with your boss.


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Aaaand a complete douche bag.

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If you have an HR department or higher ups, I'd make a complaint. If he's the highest, either make due or quit...

#40 You can get those hidden cameras, the types in pens/buttons, along with a tiny mic. There are so many ways to hide them on your persons. If you ever need proof in court, because he harasses you to the point you leave, fires you etc, you have evidence. A small cost in the long run for the equipment imo

That's unethical of him & quite immature for someone who holds a powerful position in a company. Hope you sorted that out with your boss.

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"My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, father to a murdered son , husband to a murdered wife, and I will have my vengeance in this life or the next."

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The whole entertained part made me think of the whole "Are you not entertained?"

What a horrible boss. He forgot the jello pool.

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wow.. there's a boss who clearly cares about his employees. oh well, maybe one day he'll get in trouble for something unethical. that'll give him the entertainment he seeks.

Ydi for fighting with people! I like your boss he's funny

Creating fights is hilarious and entertaining, shame on OP and the coworker for fighting like chickens

I hate to be the one to break the bad news number 8, but that was god awful sarcasm, and it wasn't even remotely funny. ;(

Like you never just dont get along with someone?

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You shouldn't be telling OP to grow up if you don't even know what s/he & his/her former co-worker were arguing about. Sometimes people fight, but that doesn't make them immature or have an "attitude problem". People just lose their patience.

How is OP immature if they know that they'll get in a fight if they see said coworker, then leave beforehand to avoid confrontation?

People shouldn't fight no matter what the case is. Fighting is bad makes the world a crappier place.

Also for all you know it could be that the former coworker is actually the problem. The former coworker could be the type who would deliberately follow the OP around the function trying to start stuff. There is only so long that someone can put up with that kind of crap before they lose their cool.

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To me, he is acting in a mature and professional way. He is leaving an event to avoid further confrontation and probably an awkward and tense atmosphere. You don't know the whole situation to know what the prior conflict between the two was to start saying things like that.

If the coworker is causing you to lose your cool and become angry hen he/she can control you, then you've lost op shame on you ydi. "An angry mind is a narrow mind" -famous dialogue from the film never back down.

@#22 Yes. Shame on OP for there being someone that he or she does not get along with. OP obviously should let the whole world walk all over him or her and he or she should take it with a smile. Are you really that näive, or were you dropped on your head as a child?

between number 9 and number 16/22 i cant figure out whose comment is most moronic. We should take a poll -.-"

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It's a lot more mature to avoid a person to avoid a fight than to do otherwise.

New meaning of "it's a fight to get to the top". Feel sorry for you OP

Well that's not nice of your boss..he's abusing his authority..what a monkey